Hard To Look

Can’t recreate what’s gone

the past is now the past

Living as behind a film

a dull and tasteless dream.


Color then so vibrant

feeling then so bright

everything I did then

I seemed to do for you

those days before the night.


Those things you wore

they’re artifacts now

your face a history book

I never thought you’d look

so hard for me to look.


No gain to lose my mind

I’m tempted and inclined

’cause everything I do

is done now without you

No, it can’t be true.


Not enough years

will bring you here

can’t put life back into life

life so full of pain

bending, slightly breaking.


Still, we carry on

just carry on

I hope to see you once again

just waiting for the end.



2 thoughts on “Hard To Look”

  1. So raw and real, making your poem also a little hard to look at. I appreciate your willingness to face the realities of life Francis, endeavoring to endure the suffering (for the joy set before you?).

    I also am awed by the depth of your connection, your love.


    1. Thanks Lori! I suppose enduring the suffering is just the better option really, since everything else compounds the problem. Avoiding it, or distracting from it, or medicating it doesn’t actually help I don’t think, but then just adds more misery and dysfunction over the top of the original pain.
      Bearing the pain, like you allude to, can have a joyfulness intertwined with it sometimes. Bearing the pain is certainly what Christ teaches us and models for us.
      Thank you! I am especially gratified when my sisters respond, that extra special blood connection! Thank you.


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