A Mathematics of Love

If a love were built upon mere appearances, could this love remain, after appearances depart? If a love, is truly love, then love will not fade, as looks do fade.

What is the test of true love? Nothing can be subtracted from it; no loss will diminish it—not loss of beauty, or of strength, nor anything. And nothing can be added to it; if one were to win fame or fortune—these will not add anything to true love.

Love multiplied by anything else is still simply love—it is our identity, and the essence of our lives.

True Love is irreducible.

Try dividing a love that is pure, into factions; or try parceling it out incrementally—a little here and a little there—some love for these people, and none for those.

This cannot be done if love is genuine—true love will defy you if you try—only our minds attempt to divide love, and this sort of division is irrational, though we think we are being very rational.


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