You Make Me Whole

When I had fallen, when I fell,

I was despondent, I felt ashamed.

When I had lost nearly all hope,

You came to me, brother, sister.

You reminded me of the light,

To look only to The Light.

We are not failures,

Though we may fail.

Though we may court darkness,

Have given it license, for a time.

Or for times, it takes places,

Within us; We are not that!

In a moment of despair I cried out,

What am I, if not failure?

Have I not become a curse?!

Does not every moment of my life,

Tell the story of my failures?

I was blinded and deceived.

You brother, sister, came to me,

Shining Light into my dark night.

You knelt beside me,

And shared in my suffering.

Declaring what I have always been,

Made in the image and likeness of God.

We share this One body,

One life, One blood.

Our brokenness reveals the unity,

Beneath the fragile shell of our corruption.

We are partakers of a great Light,

Who heals us out of the midst of our brokenness.


Return To Sanity

Yours is the quietest voice,

With the greatest impact.

You rescue me from~

My imaginations.

You free me from~

My imprisoning past.

When I ran from my present moment,

To hide in my familiar past.

When I fell into a fantastical future,

To soothe the pain of now.

And dark thoughts prodded me to continue,

And night creatures pushed me to the brink;

Deep despair shook me awake.

A look into the abyss startled me,

And reminded me to fight for light;

To struggle, and to reach for You.

To humbly ask for you to help me.

And to listen intently…



Trusting in You again.

I told you of my fear,

I shared my inner terror,

I cried before you,

And you did not shun me.

I admitted my horror in the face of evil,

And my impotence in the cause of good.

You strengthened me.

You healed me.

You caused peace to bloom in my heart.

Death lost its sting in the face of the courage,

Which You also gave to me.

When I imagine that You are not real,

I lose my mind in illusions.

When I choose to face Your truth,

I return to sanity.