Gratitude is Like a Winter Coat

Gratitude is like a winter coat,

that keeps the bitter thoughts away,

and gently warms our hearts.

Thankfulness is a down comforter,

that we can wrap around us,

and allows us to sleep contentedly.

Like a steaming cup of hot chocolate,

and the delightful taste of toasted smores,

is the sweet savor of humble acceptance.

To insulate us against the destructive drafts of envy,

and to shut out the frigid winds of disappointment,

we need only to erect an edifice of ever-present gratitude.

Each day, and in every circumstance, we can weave our warm contentment,

with thankfulness & gratitude the threads which lead us into our future,

and with joy and peace as the weft which fills our every moment.


Prayer of An Aspiring Magi

Three things I yearn to give to you, my Lord.

Three things I desire that you take from me.

That I may have your better things.

Take my love of money:

Take that place within me,

And fill it with love of You.

Take my love of pleasure:

Shift me from my slavery to my five senses,

To gratitude for everything that flows from You.

Take my worldliness:

I give to You my every distraction,

Every thing which I seek in place of You.

I lay these at your feet,

That I may know your peace,

And enter fully into your mysteries.


Holy Snow

Holy Spirit

cover me

like snowfall.

Hide my imperfections

and make me new again.

Soften the world around me,

enlighten the dark of night.

Bring all to silence

within your holiness.

Enliven our senses,

heighten our awareness.

That we may know You.

You are our hope.

Emerging from beneath this white blanket,

like spring flowers brightly to live again.