Always Seek

Seeking a relationship with Christ yet not finding it, is nevertheless, still far better than settling for a relationship with this world only, and thereby falling into a comfort of sorts— relating merely to what our fallen world has to offer. Our Lord may hide from us, leaving us always wishing for more, and causing us to question whether seeking Him is worth the trouble, but the alternative is worse—leaving us bereft of hope, empty of lasting meaning, and lost in a matrix of confusion and delusions.


A Good Conversation

We stood together, he and I,

Side by side, bearing witness to our friend:

Who lay silently, without protestation, as the lid slid into place,

And as the little box, large enough for a child, descended.

Our eyes met, his and mine,

And I uttered the time-honored, lame pronouncement:

“I am so sorry for your loss,” emerged from my palely smiling lips.

His eyes smiled more truly, and more winsomely.

“We live in the light of the Lord,” he replied.

“We are always in the light of the Lord.”

“How do you know?” I marveled at his faith,

So unexpectedly, found here, and now especially.

“I don’t know,” he shrugged, “We just are,” he said.

In no way efforting to persuade me of his assertion,

Yet, convincing me still, through his simple sincerity,

And by manner of his unfeigned innocence, he opened my heart.


A Penitent Investor

Lord, allow me enough money to protect me from the evil intentions of men who would manipulate me by my poverty; and give me not so much money that I would lose sight of humanity in pursuit of my wealth.

Lord, I fear that I have investments which are not in the cause of good and that do not support the advancement of Godliness or righteousness on the earth. I am certain that I have invested poorly, when seen through the lens of love; even if my investment have earned high returns, in purely economic terms.

It pains me to think that I support companies who have no regard for the true needs of human beings, but are solely focused on how much wealth they can extract from every human unit.

Show me what to do with my money, so that it helps and doesn’t hurt; so that it is invested in the furtherance of your kingdom on earth, and is not invested with those who desire to be kings over the earth; I do not want to be party to their kingdom. It bothers me knowing that I am.

It is certainly better to invest not just wisely, but Godly; and to feast at the table of our Lord, rather than to dine in the palaces of the wicked. Show me the way that I can go, that is not too high and not too low. What can an average Christian, like me, best do with his money?


A Tale of Two People

This is a tale of two people:

One is a young devoted nurse. Not more than one year ago she was vibrant and healthy and was great at her job. She was voted nurse of the month. Now, following two shots of Moderna and a Pfizer booster shot she is often bedridden and has so many health problems she can’t even recount them all. She is on over twenty medications. She wants you to know her story because she cares. She is still trying to help others; now by sharing her tragic story so that hopefully you and those you love can avoid a similar fate. 

The other person is an attorney general of the state of Washington named Bob Ferguson, who wants to make it a crime for me to tell you this story about this beautiful young nurse. He wants it to be a crime to tell her story because, according to him it is ‘misinformation’. Under his proposed legislation her personal story about what happened to her after taking these shots could be considered criminal because, in his mind it poses a danger to our society. But the only real danger is from those that would try to control and suppress the truth. Our attorney general is the actual danger in this story, not the afflicted nurse, nor me who want to share her story with you. 

Here is a link to the nurses story:

Here are links to Mr Ferguson’s proposed legislation, and information about it:

House Bill HB1333

How is the tragedy unfolding around the globe of ‘vaccine’ injuries and deaths, not another Holocaust, but for our own age? How is the accruing human damage and suffering from these shots being given around the world not a crime against humanity? Isn’t this a tragedy unfolding before our eyes much like the one in Germany and Poland nearly one hundred years ago? Our fellow citizens are being maimed and murdered by corporations, with complicity by our own governments, and we pretend not to notice. They told their citizens back then to ignore those trains of people riding off to the slaughter in concentration camps, just as they are telling us now that people aren’t dying from their ‘vaccine’ products; they say that these people don’t exist, they aren’t real, the pain and suffering you hear rumor of, is just a lie. And those who talk about it are liars and criminals. 

We always wondered, didn’t we, how the German and Polish people could have allowed such a Holocaust to happen to their neighbors directly in their midst? Hindsight gives us clear vision. Yet even now we can see this phenomenon with our own senses. Let’s not make the same mistake they did. Speak up and tell the truth, and don’t let them hide behind their so-called science. Theirs is only a science of profiting at the expense of human beings.