A Tragicomedy

Isn’t life grand~

Even in the midst of pain?

Isn’t it terrible~

Even in the midst of joy?

The tears that fall today~

May water a crop of laughter,

Which will bloom abundantly tomorrow. 

Within the laughter of this moment~

Is the knowledge that tomorrow,

May yield a new harvest of sorrows. 

Has there ever been a time~

In this life,

When one existed,


Without the other? 

When have we not known pains? 

Perhaps as babes, or as drunks?

When have we not known pleasures?

When we were overcome with our losses?

No, even these times embrace possibilities of their opposite.

Oh, dismal joy! 

Oh, joyful despair!

Time holds all things within its embrace!

Until time is no more!


I Have A Dream

I want to live where experts do not go.

Where thought is easy,

And people trust in what they know.

I want to live there~

Where greed and power,

Are not the reason.

Where love and fear of God,

Are always in full season.

In this place I want~

Where peace and beauty,

Guide our ways.

Here, noisome entertainments,

Do not mar our days.

We dwell here~

In quiet simplicity,

This healing place~

Free of duplicity.

We live in joyful,

Fulfilling endeavor.

Seeking wisdom solely,

From our Creator.


Thankful In All Things

I can understand the meaning of your words, Lord.

But I do not understand You.

I find myself in darkness and confusion.

Praise God!

Thank you for all things!

This world is passing.

Your kingdom I cannot fathom.

I am between worlds,

Always waiting in these moments that are my life.

And, I thank you God.

As You have directed me,

I thank You in all things.

We suffer and groan here as we wait,

Enjoying the pleasures of this foreign land,

Participating in Your theater of promises.

Thank you Father as we wait!

I do not live here,

And I do not live there,

I live nowhere.

Praise God!


Little Aphorisms

Look too hard

You cannot see,

Relax your gaze

You’ll find it. 

Listen close 

To Divinity,

Within that Word

Is your way. 

Trust yourself

But not too much,

Distrust yourself 

A little.  

Trust mankind

A little less,

Trust in God

A great deal more. 

Within your heart

Commune with Christ,

Where no one else

Can see you. 


My Prodigal Senses

I have spent seasons away from You;

Now I am coming home.

I can smell your familiar scent,

Even here, while I am still afar off.

Your presence once filled me with delight,

Oh, how I yearn to be delighted yet again.

Why did I ever fly away?

Upon those angry wings;

Which carried me swiftly,

To unforgiving places.

I allowed them to slander you,

I slandered you quietly too,

In the midst of my desires,

So that I fell away into solitude.

Confused illusion became my companion,

Disorientation was my naughty guide,

Falsely contented and feeding on lies,

I filled all of my senses with emptiness.

Now I am ready to be filled by You;

I do remember the thrill of your touch,

I do desire the light of your gentle breath,

You give me life so that I can see,

And taste,

Your ultimate goodness.


My Argument with A Butterfly

Once, I argued with a butterfly~

You go in such a zig-zag way,

That I cannot reason why,

A straight line is the better way,

You foolish butterfly…

Next, I ridiculed the swallow,

For making such a mess,

Your home’s not ecological,

It’s such a sloppy nest,

So gross, you stupid swallow…

Why don’t the beavers know,

They’re ruining all our wood?

And tell all the farting cows,

That really is no good.

Why am I the only one,

Who knows just what is right?

Why is everyone else so dumb,

When only I’m so bright?

Alas, I picked a noble fight,

With all the numb-skull planet,

So everyone could see the light,

That I’m who should command it.

From safe within my certainties,

I corrected everyone’s errors,

I uttered forth my good decrees,

For I was the good truth-bearer,

And I brought them to their knees.

Enlightener of this wayward place,

All creatures must be glad for me,

Dispensing forth my human grace,

I made the whole world clearly see~

Humility is lost on the human race.