My Argument with A Butterfly

Once, I argued with a butterfly~

You go in such a zig-zag way,

That I cannot reason why,

A straight line is the better way,

You foolish butterfly…

Next, I ridiculed the swallow,

For making such a mess,

Your home’s not ecological,

It’s such a sloppy nest,

So gross, you stupid swallow…

Why don’t the beavers know,

They’re ruining all our wood?

And tell all the farting cows,

That really is no good.

Why am I the only one,

Who knows just what is right?

Why is everyone else so dumb,

When only I’m so bright?

Alas, I picked a noble fight,

With all the numb-skull planet,

So everyone could see the light,

That I’m who should command it.

From safe within my certainties,

I corrected everyone’s errors,

I uttered forth my good decrees,

For I was the good truth-bearer,

And I brought them to their knees.

Enlightener of this wayward place,

All creatures must be glad for me,

Dispensing forth my human grace,

I made the whole world clearly see~

Humility is lost on the human race.


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