My Prodigal Senses

I have spent seasons away from You;

Now I am coming home.

I can smell your familiar scent,

Even here, while I am still afar off.

Your presence once filled me with delight,

Oh, how I yearn to be delighted yet again.

Why did I ever fly away?

Upon those angry wings;

Which carried me swiftly,

To unforgiving places.

I allowed them to slander you,

I slandered you quietly too,

In the midst of my desires,

So that I fell away into solitude.

Confused illusion became my companion,

Disorientation was my naughty guide,

Falsely contented and feeding on lies,

I filled all of my senses with emptiness.

Now I am ready to be filled by You;

I do remember the thrill of your touch,

I do desire the light of your gentle breath,

You give me life so that I can see,

And taste,

Your ultimate goodness.


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