Modern Medicine

My doctor’s never met me,

But he/she doesn’t need to.

I’m in their computer and,

My numbers do not lie.

Or so they say;

They say they know me,

By my numbers.

So they’ll tell me what to do~

From afar they’ll tell me what to do,

They’ll prescribe me perfectly.

Because they know I’m just a number,

Just like every other, and they know:

That I’m no different,

Than any other.

They’ll tell us all just what to do,

Because they know us perfectly.

And they know just how to keep us,

Safe from everything.

And if they don’t, we needn’t worry,

Because they’re working very hard.

They’ll have a better answer soon,

We need to trust they’re never wrong.

And if we don’t believe them,

That they know what they are doing.

They’ll have our friends ‘persuade’ us,

And have them tell us what to do.

My health is now a public matter,

Every neighbor is my doctor,

And the government is my physician.

Everyone except me it seems,

Is now an authority on my body.

Because they heard it on TV,

Or from some guy they call Fauci.

But I don’t think I really need,

Some far-flung ‘expert’ committee,

Determining what to put in me.

Healing is an ancient art, a very personal thing.

Nothing even remotely like, this modern medicine.


Small Beginnings

Go into your heart~

Your heart is a still and silent place,

Of healing.

And it is a dangerous place,

Where you will encounter Truth.

Most people do not desire to go there.

But will you?

If you will, and if you dare,

Then, go now into your heart.

Descend, let go, and have courage.

Your thoughts will not let you go there,

You must let them go.

It is the path of angels, and of saints.

It is goodness, and your peace.

And of coming to your senses.

Wouldn’t that be nice?


Yes, go now.



You may feel shame, I don’t know why.

But let it go and do not fear.

You may feel sad, it’s okay to cry.

And carry on, don’t give up.

“Come to my help, Oh God!

Lord Jesus, hurry to my rescue.”

These words may help you now,

Or others like them:

“Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me.”

Speak these.


Seek your heart.

It is a beginning.

To find yourself.


Beneath the noise and clatter.


A Good Conversation

We stood together, he and I,

Side by side, bearing witness to our friend:

Who lay silently, without protestation, as the lid slid into place,

And as the little box, large enough for a child, descended.

Our eyes met, his and mine,

And I uttered the time-honored, lame pronouncement:

“I am so sorry for your loss,” emerged from my palely smiling lips.

His eyes smiled more truly, and more winsomely.

“We live in the light of the Lord,” he replied.

“We are always in the light of the Lord.”

“How do you know?” I marveled at his faith,

So unexpectedly, found here, and now especially.

“I don’t know,” he shrugged, “We just are,” he said.

In no way efforting to persuade me of his assertion,

Yet, convincing me still, through his simple sincerity,

And by manner of his unfeigned innocence, he opened my heart.


My Brother and My Guide

You came to me, took my hand and led me into fields of light.

There I knelt before you, kissed your hand and I shared all that I am.

You smiled at me, and then I understood what is true and what is not.

I am ready for a brother and a guide, and I asked for you to come.

“It is time,” you said, “cast aside your life and follow where I lead.”

It is time! It is time! It is time you said to me, to follow where you lead.

I agree that it is time, and I am ready to follow where you’ll lead.

Yes I will follow where you’ll lead, for you are my brother and my guide.

Because I know you when I hear you, and I see you with my eyes.

In your presence, happily I and the world do drift farther and far apart.


Gratitude is Like a Winter Coat

Gratitude is like a winter coat,

that keeps the bitter thoughts away,

and gently warms our hearts.

Thankfulness is a down comforter,

that we can wrap around us,

and allows us to sleep contentedly.

Like a steaming cup of hot chocolate,

and the delightful taste of toasted smores,

is the sweet savor of humble acceptance.

To insulate us against the destructive drafts of envy,

and to shut out the frigid winds of disappointment,

we need only to erect an edifice of ever-present gratitude.

Each day, and in every circumstance, we can weave our warm contentment,

with thankfulness & gratitude the threads which lead us into our future,

and with joy and peace as the weft which fills our every moment.


Prayer of An Aspiring Magi

Three things I yearn to give to you, my Lord.

Three things I desire that you take from me.

That I may have your better things.

Take my love of money:

Take that place within me,

And fill it with love of You.

Take my love of pleasure:

Shift me from my slavery to my five senses,

To gratitude for everything that flows from You.

Take my worldliness:

I give to You my every distraction,

Every thing which I seek in place of You.

I lay these at your feet,

That I may know your peace,

And enter fully into your mysteries.


Holy Snow

Holy Spirit

cover me

like snowfall.

Hide my imperfections

and make me new again.

Soften the world around me,

enlighten the dark of night.

Bring all to silence

within your holiness.

Enliven our senses,

heighten our awareness.

That we may know You.

You are our hope.

Emerging from beneath this white blanket,

like spring flowers brightly to live again.


You Make Me Whole

When I had fallen, when I fell,

I was despondent, I felt ashamed.

When I had lost nearly all hope,

You came to me, brother, sister.

You reminded me of the light,

To look only to The Light.

We are not failures,

Though we may fail.

Though we may court darkness,

Have given it license, for a time.

Or for times, it takes places,

Within us; We are not that!

In a moment of despair I cried out,

What am I, if not failure?

Have I not become a curse?!

Does not every moment of my life,

Tell the story of my failures?

I was blinded and deceived.

You brother, sister, came to me,

Shining Light into my dark night.

You knelt beside me,

And shared in my suffering.

Declaring what I have always been,

Made in the image and likeness of God.

We share this One body,

One life, One blood.

Our brokenness reveals the unity,

Beneath the fragile shell of our corruption.

We are partakers of a great Light,

Who heals us out of the midst of our brokenness.


Return To Sanity

Yours is the quietest voice,

With the greatest impact.

You rescue me from~

My imaginations.

You free me from~

My imprisoning past.

When I ran from my present moment,

To hide in my familiar past.

When I fell into a fantastical future,

To soothe the pain of now.

And dark thoughts prodded me to continue,

And night creatures pushed me to the brink;

Deep despair shook me awake.

A look into the abyss startled me,

And reminded me to fight for light;

To struggle, and to reach for You.

To humbly ask for you to help me.

And to listen intently…



Trusting in You again.

I told you of my fear,

I shared my inner terror,

I cried before you,

And you did not shun me.

I admitted my horror in the face of evil,

And my impotence in the cause of good.

You strengthened me.

You healed me.

You caused peace to bloom in my heart.

Death lost its sting in the face of the courage,

Which You also gave to me.

When I imagine that You are not real,

I lose my mind in illusions.

When I choose to face Your truth,

I return to sanity.