Not So Safely Solitary

Back in the day,

when only outlaws wore masks,

and when those who gave hugs, weren’t thought of as thugs:

I recall in that age…

simply seeing your faces,

warming to your embraces,

brought us joy!

But my how,

I miss your touch now,

dear friends since we’ve sequestered ourselves:

Your radiant smiles…

always brightened my world,

but these expressionless masks,

have bound, bright radiance furled.

And I am shocked by,

these faceless faces I see,

one-by-one passing by me.

The streets they are merciless, masked and oblivious:

Oh! No, are those tears…

falling down her soft cheeks?

It’s so hard to be certain,

from a distance of six feet…

Were this a year earlier,

she might have found comfort,

but now she recoils in fear.

Her sorrows I had tried to appease, but to her I’m a vector for disease:

I had wished to be human…

to love another human,

but now we’ve become,

more like vermin.

We’re told that,

‘the masks will protect you,’

but it’s much like filters for cigarettes do.

You may not get cancer so fast, but you’ll still get it nonetheless:

And the day of our death…

Comes little by little,

ever so slowly, or

ever more quickly,

we’ll all breathe our final breath.

So, now is the day,

when only the criminals show their faces,

and when only the thoughtless, and uncaring give embraces:

But a new day will show there’s…

no safety for the young,

in hiding alone.

And no safety for the old,

in dying alone.

Now is the day,

when we call their bluff,

true safety’s not found in solitary.

We’re made to live freely, sober-minded and fearlessly:

Living together as one…

no longer apart,

without fear in our heart,

then our victory’s already won!



I like to devour life in big gulps!

drinking in the colors of the turning leaves,

and gobbling up the vibrant air,

as my heart races.

So joyfully alive!

I dream about tomorrows!

with a fevered passion,

and strivings for the prizes,

gifts I want to own.

So hopefully arranged!

Are you bored, like I am?

if the day drifts by without excitement,

and stirring up desires,

doesn’t seem to satisfy.

So-so hum-drummingly malaised!

I’m waiting for an answer!

it may fill my heart with wonder,

and settling me within me,

if it pleases.

So peacefully arrived!


A Little Triumph

This virus casts a long shadow…

fear and death hover overhead,

with reason hanging by a thread,


and hope dangling over dread,

to devour or be devoured?


The children dance upon a razor’s edge,

our lives mere water under the bridge?

we take and give our moral pledge,

then wait and see…


And from the shadows come the families,

parents, with youngsters, play beneath the trees,

work and school becoming faint memories,

laughing happily, joyfully in the breeze.


Little boys on an empty street,

biking madly with spinning feet,

smiles spread across their faces,

epitomize life’s warm embraces.



Surprised By Peace

When the clamoring of the nations has died down,

When men’s ambitions have been put to rest,

We settle and we wait, surprised by blessed quietude,

Then I find my soul enriched, and peace abiding within my heart.


Joy rises up within me at the sound of this heavenly silence,

as it wraps the globe.

Peace is the answer when all else has failed.


Life springs forth out the ashes of our delusions,

the smolderings of our desires nourish our soul.


Now we may stand aright,

at last we can be made right.

I fall to my knees and finally,

tears rising like truth,

I seek my God.



Now Comes Nighttime’s Tune

Triumphant spirit of the waning day,

dressed in layers mounting to the sky,

we start together you and I,

all emotions ringing,

and of lusty singing,

wind fascinating,

as it goes by.


First, skin tickled and delighted,

each naked hair stood on end,

fair hollow sounds do bend,

mist rising in our sight,

fast taking flight,

at early night,

look to the wren.


Red-blooded rocket shot to the moon,

close and kissing our nocturnal bloom,

the sun’s last light is in a swoon,

wayward clouds are scattering,

evergreen trees are tattering,

dancing squirrels chattering,

now comes nighttime’s tune.



Hard To Look

Can’t recreate what’s gone

the past is now the past

Living as behind a film

a dull and tasteless dream.


Color then so vibrant

feeling then so bright

everything I did then

I seemed to do for you

those days before the night.


Those things you wore

they’re artifacts now

your face a history book

I never thought you’d look

so hard for me to look.


No gain to lose my mind

I’m tempted and inclined

’cause everything I do

is done now without you

No, it can’t be true.


Not enough years

will bring you here

can’t put life back into life

life so full of pain

bending, slightly breaking.


Still, we carry on

just carry on

I hope to see you once again

just waiting for the end.



Life’s True Passage

Don’t turn your heart from the things that matter most—

the inner dread,

the thoughts and fears

that fill your head.


Through these is where true freedom flies—

true human life,

courageously lived

from within life’s strife.


Don’t run or hide from the pains which plague you—

humanity’s diseases,

burdens bringing

unearthly surprises.


Take heart, and give heart too—

shared suffering heals us,

it’s God’s plan of love

making us victorious.


Don’t worry that you’re something wrong—

you are God’s image,

we are all imperfect

yet bear perfection’s visage.


Know the truth of this your calling—

peace found within your soul,

willfully, joyfully, bearing

the turmoil of your earthly role.



Life’s Perfection

Christ, the eternity-bearer,
coming before time, and after;
entering the space within us,
light-imbuing creation all around us.
Let us feel your warmth,
free from this cold vacuum;
wrap us in your arms,
hastening to our rescue.
I suffer and I die,
this far from paradise;
You come and share my pain,
offering eternal life once again.
Though our eyes cannot see beyond the grave,
our hearts have perfect vision;
the mind is wandering, and depraved,
yet, with Christ is life’s perfection.

Allez, Alleys, Allez

When we meet upon this busy street,

and look each other in the eye,

we make a covenant together against oblivion.

If only for the moment.


The lights, the noise,

the vendors selling—

brands and names—

assurances and comforts.


What, were we to turn aside,

going down that darkened alley,

would we survive, and are we—still alive?

If we fade into that darkened disappearing,

will we exist, anymore?


Like leaves fallen into deep waters,

their brilliance flashing in the sunlight,

fluttering downward, deeper,

and then no more?


Who greets us in those darkened depths,

would Christ meet us at the bottom?


Is there rest within,

or endless floating, whirling—

stirred up and moving,

moving, and moving.


We become old men and women,

walking quietly to our ends.

Smiling at the sunshine,

and at the laughing children—

seeing, but unseen—

our beings vanish into this light,

disappearing down the alleys.


Populating busy streets no more.

We go, to the alleys, we go.