For those of us who love the well-worn paths,

Who congregate under the familiar light.

Let’s make haste into a starless night~

Take flight! Fear not!

We’ll tread across the wild places,

Thrilling our soles with new sensations,

We’ll find our souls within us;

As we blaze the new-found trails.

Discoveries array before us;

For we who do cross the veil.


In A Loving State

I’m not certain how it is that you became my mother and my father. (I’ve had those already.)

Or when it was you adopted me. (I didn’t ask you to.)

Or why you took me under your dark wing.

Should I thank you for your protection?

What do you get from this?

Your wide embrace, has gathered us to you like little chicks;

and you hold us closely.

So tightly.

So thank you,

but your concern for me is killing me.

I’d rather not. 

I am admonished.

You have chastised my wanton freedoms~

To wander, to breathe,

to cherish my loves,

as one in love with life,

and with my fellow chicks!

But you’ve set my brothers against me.

What a cruel mother hen you are,

in your love for us. 

But are we your children, or your pets?

How do you see us?


“Stay! Wear this muzzle! Don’t go there, bad dogs!

I’m doing this for your safety, trust me.

Do this for your safety!

I love you.”


thank you, oh so much.

But please, release me from your smothering love.

Exercise your tender mercies,

on some other poor creatures.

Or better, towards yourself alone.

And let me live now, freely, until I die. 


A Guy Named Spillane (St Patrick’s Day Limerick)

This guy named Spillane is uncouth,

though he claims to be telling the truth,

he writes lots of words

haven’t you heard

few of which offer up sooth.

Then there’s this other guy also Spillane,

who’s generally always to blame,

he thinks he’s so funny

but he can be a dummy

that’s what his wife sometimes claims.

Lastly, a guy named Spillane lives in town,

you’ve probably seen him around,

he could be a sage

but he’s prob’ly a knave

and most certainly simply a clown.


Every Moment A Gift

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, thank you.

For this moment~

which I breathe in deeply,

so gratefully!

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, thank you.

For now~

which is filled with Your light,

and Your warmth!

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, thank you.

For this moment~

the wind blowing through the trees,

and the candle burning!

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, thank you.

For these gifts~

a sandwich to eat,

and water to drink!

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, thank you.

For this life~

every moment,

a gift!

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, thank you.

Come dwell with me,

Holy Spirit. 

Abide in me. 

I am but an empty husk, without your fruit.



Pray, until you are one who prays~

Pray like a flame that will not go out;

burn brightly in unfavorable circumstances.

Pray, until you have become the prayer.


Pray, when prayer is no longer what you do~

Pray when pleasure no longer draws you to it;

when pain will not distract you.

Pray, as prayer is what you are.


Blessed Illness

Blessed illness.

You soften me,

and still me,

making me like newly fallen snow.

I am like the earth, enwrapped in white.

And my rough places,

my sharp edges,

are blanketed and filled in.

All disruption,

and all corruption,

are healed,

by blessed illness.

How funny,

and how ironic,

how strange the magic,

you work within me.

Illness converts my mind,

and soothes my nerves,

and mends my heart.

Restoring my soul in wholeness.


Not So Safely Solitary

Back in the day,

when only outlaws wore masks,

and when those who gave hugs, weren’t thought of as thugs:

I recall in that age…

simply seeing your faces,

warming to your embraces,

brought us joy!

But my how,

I miss your touch now,

dear friends since we’ve sequestered ourselves:

Your radiant smiles…

always brightened my world,

but these expressionless masks,

have bound, bright radiance furled.

And I am shocked by,

these faceless faces I see,

one-by-one passing by me.

The streets they are merciless, masked and oblivious:

Oh! No, are those tears…

falling down her soft cheeks?

It’s so hard to be certain,

from a distance of six feet…

Were this a year earlier,

she might have found comfort,

but now she recoils in fear.

Her sorrows I had tried to appease, but to her I’m a vector for disease:

I had wished to be human…

to love another human,

but now we’ve become,

more like vermin.

We’re told that,

‘the masks will protect you,’

but it’s much like filters for cigarettes do.

You may not get cancer so fast, but you’ll still get it nonetheless:

And the day of our death…

Comes little by little,

ever so slowly, or

ever more quickly,

we’ll all breathe our final breath.

So, now is the day,

when only the criminals show their faces,

and when only the thoughtless, and uncaring give embraces:

But a new day will show there’s…

no safety for the young,

in hiding alone.

And no safety for the old,

in dying alone.

Now is the day,

when we call their bluff,

true safety’s not found in solitary.

We’re made to live freely, sober-minded and fearlessly:

Living together as one…

no longer apart,

without fear in our heart,

then our victory’s already won!



I like to devour life in big gulps!

drinking in the colors of the turning leaves,

and gobbling up the vibrant air,

as my heart races.

So joyfully alive!

I dream about tomorrows!

with a fevered passion,

and strivings for the prizes,

gifts I want to own.

So hopefully arranged!

Are you bored, like I am?

if the day drifts by without excitement,

and stirring up desires,

doesn’t seem to satisfy.

So-so hum-drummingly malaised!

I’m waiting for an answer!

it may fill my heart with wonder,

and settling me within me,

if it pleases.

So peacefully arrived!


A Little Triumph

This virus casts a long shadow…

fear and death hover overhead,

with reason hanging by a thread,


and hope dangling over dread,

to devour or be devoured?


The children dance upon a razor’s edge,

our lives mere water under the bridge?

we take and give our moral pledge,

then wait and see…


And from the shadows come the families,

parents, with youngsters, play beneath the trees,

work and school becoming faint memories,

laughing happily, joyfully in the breeze.


Little boys on an empty street,

biking madly with spinning feet,

smiles spread across their faces,

epitomize life’s warm embraces.



Surprised By Peace

When the clamoring of the nations has died down,

When men’s ambitions have been put to rest,

We settle and we wait, surprised by blessed quietude,

Then I find my soul enriched, and peace abiding within my heart.


Joy rises up within me at the sound of this heavenly silence,

as it wraps the globe.

Peace is the answer when all else has failed.


Life springs forth out the ashes of our delusions,

the smolderings of our desires nourish our soul.


Now we may stand aright,

at last we can be made right.

I fall to my knees and finally,

tears rising like truth,

I seek my God.