The Great Reset

If your mind is filled,

with so much of this,

and a lot of that,

might I suggest:

a great reset.

If your thoughts are dumbed,

by who did this,

or who said that,

might I suggest:

the great reset.

If you are disturbed,

find yourself pissed,

or anxiously fret,

I must suggest:

the greatest reset.

Ten minutes of prayer,

before The Lord,

lay down your despair,

take up The Word.

For who can discern,

from the midst of strife,

the violent burn,

of this fractious life?

But a prayerful mind,

and a prayerful heart,

are a treasured find,

and an excellent start!


The Narrow Path

Seek the quiet places,

which your soul embraces,

flee the routes of strife,

where passions’ pains are rife,

come now and see,

you’re free to be.

Fear not life’s silent song,

you’re called to sing along,

let courage be your guide,

with patience at your side,

stand firm my dear,

then you shall hear.

The whispered word ‘release’,

take up your robe of peace,

let fall the scales of shame,

the balances of blame,

your soul is bare,

so please be ware.

The hateful lion’s pounce,

your being he’ll denounce,

take shelter in the King,

to Him your life shall bring,

pure penitence,

births innocence.

Two things to Satan stings,

your soul’s true offerings,

head bowed and bended knee,

a heart’s sincerity,

for these Christ bled,

the serpent’s dread.

Take heed and run this race,

your sorrows to efface,

cut loose the mortal lie,

transform the earthly die,

a faithful deed,

you’re surely freed.

In Christ be reconciled.


The Praying Mouse

Little mouse, little creature,

I saw you suffering in a wide field.

Forlorn and forsaken (you appeared to me),

head low, with back arched against the formidable sky.

The weight of emptiness seeming to bear you down,

your tiny body nearly invisible beneath the world’s expanse.

Little creature, little friend,

I recognized in your pain the throes of death—

your shallow, labored breathing,

your eyes tight against the waning light—

would that I could raise you when you die,

instead, I raised you on my finger.

And finding a safer shelter for your final slumber,

I lowered you again to earth,

and tucked you in, amidst the fallen leaves.

You lifted your head as if in gratitude, or in hope?

Do not hope in me dear one,

I am just like you, powerless and small.

Little comfort could I give, but I gave,

a whispered, gentle prayer for you and me,

while stroking your soft fur to soothe you.

And saying my farewell,

with one final touch upon your brow,

I left you alone there, returning home.

I brought you with me, yet, in my mind,

the icon of your helpless body,

fated to be gobbled up by death.

This image terrorized and numbed me,

disturbed my thoughts, and stirring up despair,

made me frantic to understand and know…

Is innocence meant thus to suffer so alone?

Why can’t life beyond the grave be truly known?

When hope and faith seem so misplaced,

while staring death straight in the face,

what spark is there,

to make them kindle, and to grow?

I made myself as you, little mouse, with head hung low,

I hunched down to the earth, and prayed to God with tears.

It was the Lord who soothed my deathly fears,

and calmed my troubled, despairing mind.

It is the Comforter Who touched me on my brow,

and it is He who filled my aching heart.

Foolishly I had looked, but hadn’t seen,

the Breath of Life which enlivens you, and me.

The Holy Spirit giving comfort from within,

perceived through the eyes of contrition.

Little creatures, you and I, so small and lowly,

yet through our suffering we are raised, and then made holy.

Giver of life, come and abide in us, I pray,

save our souls, as we await Your eternal day.


The Cost of Peace

I yearned for peace~

my soul cried out for it,

but I refused to do the things

which make for peace.

I’d made a deal~

to get what I could,

without giving up any

of what I had.

I thought I’d won~

adding to my pleasure,

the things of heaven,

though I was wrong.

My soul starved~

upon the stolen words,

from celestial realms,

I’d added to earthly delights.

Might I swindle

heaven and earth,

against the law,

to get a double portion?

There is but hollow gain

without first loss;

and deception of fullness

in my carnal grasping.

There is no marriage

of heaven and hell~

we turn from one

to choose the other.

My soul desires peace~

so I surrender my desires,

and give myself to heaven;

swindling myself no longer.


You’ll Never Know

I tried to call you yesterday,

a prayer or two,

just like today;

but you’re not home.

I forgot you moved away,

you left no number,

and no address,

to find you.

I have your memory,

I do remember,

your face, your smile;

its not enough.

If only I could call you,

I wouldn’t cry,

and my soul,

would be okay.

Instead, I write to tell you,

I prayed, that I could find you,

but you will never know;

I only write for others now.


Still The Heart

Be still my heart, and see—

what is it if they take my home,

the loss of wood and glass.

Be still my heart, and see—

what is it if they take my wealth,

my false securities.

Be still my heart, and see—

what is it if they take my voice,

the loss of empty pride.

Be still my heart, and see—

what is it if they take my hope,

I’ll place my hope in Thee.

Be still my heart, and see—

what is it if they take my faith,

I’ll call Your Faith to me.

Be still my heart, and see—

what is it if they take my love,

I’ll let Your Love fill me.

Be still my heart, and see—

what is it if they take my life,

I’ll give my life to Thee.

Be still my heart, and see!


Proverbs For A Modern World

It is better to speak quietly from the heart sincerely, and face the wrath of others, than it is to speak a lie to please, and be loudly applauded. 

Better that unpleasantness assault us from without, than self-deception erode us from within. 

Better to be accused by others for one’s convictions, than to be convicted by one’s own conscience. 

Better to be silent against rage, than to rage against silence; and to hold one’s tongue before they cut it out.

Better to defend truth and face discomfort, than promote deception and enjoy comfort.

Better to listen, than to speak; and to speak after you’ve heard.

Better to bow humbly in obedience before God, than to stand proudly on parade before men. 


Still The Air I Breathe

I feel this world is pushing me,

pressing me to move on,

move on, just move on.

I need to stop and breathe.

They say they’ve made a better way,

newer means to move us all along,

moving strong, and moving on.

We need to stop and breathe.

You’re still the air I breathe,

be still, my soul, and see.

There is no other air to breathe,

Holy Spirit dwell in me.

I see the world is losing you,

we’re losing you, we’re lost,

step back, we’re losing you.

Clear! We need to breathe.

Our fear is closing every door,

does anyone believe,

faith, can anyone believe?

Only trust in God, and breathe.

You’re still the air I breathe,

be still, my soul, and see.

There is no other air to breathe,

Holy Spirit dwell in me.



We are watchmen of an epoch,

keepers of the moment. 

This time is entrusted unto us. 

While yesterday sleeps,

tomorrow is yet to awaken. 

For now, the sun shines on you. 

Out of an endless deep…

we emerge, briefly:

and then are engulfed again. 

But sleeping eyes will watch and see,

for you are not about today, alone—

We are about, forever.