Visions of Paradise

There is an open space within, so wide and expansive, wild and free, filled with sailing winds which carry your mind joyfully up and away, and where beautiful things live, like butterflies and birds, singing so gently, in love, with your soul. Here, is where the sun resides, powerful and vibrant, so alive and alive within you—beating, beating, and beating—without time; and exploding in a rush of colors, clear and transparent, like glass, or crystal, pure and flowing through you; and you—so pure and flowing—also through it. Light upon light, and light encircling light—over, under and all around—and your breath draws joy deep into your soul. Here you may dwell, in a world of meadow-grass and wildflower, far from the world of man, safe in the arms of eternity, tasting sips of paradise; trust and hope cascading from heaven, and across your mind, flitting like diamonds tossed into the sky, then coming to rest upon your breast—softly, lightly—warming your heart.


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