The Poplars

Three poplars rising to the sky

reaching upward impossibly high

towering over this earth and me

they tell a tale of eternity.


Like Jacob’s ladders side by side

these poplars joining earth to sky

or if they’re seen the other way ‘round

like heavenly arms reaching to the ground.


Their crenelated tops swaying in the breeze

sunlight dances upon their leaves

each leaf an angel, each branch a rung

ascending, descending angels in the sun.


Swelling, contracting their branches are spun

inhaling, exhaling like an enormous lung

their breathing speaks of hidden lives

beneath, behind this veiled world of mine.


Beneath the earth their roots entwined

all three sharing one life we find

appearing as distinct entities

these poplars instead, are just one tree.


A symbol of the Trinity

God made for us this poplar tree

the form and symbol very clear

yet subtler made in sun and air.


Around and through these trees the rays

of sun and wind about them plays

the Son, the Spirit and the Father

on full display through states of matter.



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