A Dog’s Prayer

Pride has locked me in a cage, where I sit;

indulging my selfish desires willingly

and becoming bloated by them.


My eyes won’t gaze beyond these confines;

while everything they see

appears as a reflection only of me.


Free me from this squalor that I’ve loved;

don’t let me be the dog

that returns to his vomit.


But let me be the little dog;

who gathers crumbs beneath Your table

and feeds upon Your flesh.


Train my eyes to see only you, O Lord.

My ears to hear only your voice, O Master.


This pride has left me in the cold;

a heart where dwells my vanity

in sweet and sickly emptiness.


Please don’t leave me here throughout this night;

but let me sleep upon Your bed

and feel the warmth that is Your love.


Call me from this dog’s house;

into the Master’s chamber

and let me gaze into Your eyes.


Place me on your leash and lead me;

tether me to Your mercy

and don’t let me stray.


I will wait at the door until You return;

Come to me and let me be

at your side forever.



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