Footsteps In The Snow

Five men walking through the snow,

walking neither fast nor slow,

no man talking as they go,

five men walking in a row.


Dressed in black from head to toe,

like ravens black against the snow,

beneath their cloaks with heads bowed low,

fighting through the wind’s cruel blow.


Ahead a tree of gnarled boughs,

an arching, twisting, silent gallows,

the sun’s stark rays casts its shadows,

like Christ’s arms stretched across their brows.


Each man arrives at his own tempo,

each casting off his earthly sorrow,

with hope enkindled for tomorrow,

these men together with face aglow.


Why do they travel through the snow,

and suffer through the wind’s cruel blow,

to stand beneath this silent gallows,

and offer up their earthly sorrows?


To find true freedom from sin’s law,

through Christ the healer of every flaw,

in praise of God with fear and awe,

to sing forever, Hallelujah!



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