The Signpost*

Just past midway

upon the journey

my soul slackened its pace,

to find a moment’s rest,

and found a hidden place.


Beneath the trees

among the grasses

there stood a sign which read–


“Be well, and sortle in this place

but not to slumber relaxicated.

To those prone to urbumpkining

dethrope, unbeam and enpeacelate.”


Perhaps this trek had been too dear

my mind muddled from the strain.

The meaning of these words

was hidden from my brain.


I drew closer to the sign

to bring focus to my mind.

As the words they carried on–


“Despair not, Insprevelent!

Philathea aleatin,

bemosphorel intayalen.

All life is made a Sacrament!”


Alas I had a footing

to discern this cryptic writing.

Just enough of native tongue

encouraged me to carry on–


“These words writ for discovery

present symbolic mystery,

what cannot be known mentally

can be unearthed noetically.”


Then I had a glimpsing

and a notion of its meaning.

A still and silent whispering

and a prayer within me stirring.


I mused as I continued on–

‘Perhaps I’m not midway at all

but have barely just begun.’




Sortle: a gentle rest for the soul; but one that includes a watchfulness and readiness for spiritual battle.


Relaxicated: taking rest to an unhealthy extreme, leading to a sort of intoxication, sloth or laziness.


Urbumpkining: derision or prejudice aimed at others; found often among those living in cities towards people of the countryside, although not limited to these groups; acting in an arrogantly derisive way.


Dethrope: an act of humble abdication; to dethrone one’s pride while simultaneously disrobing one’s self-esteem and vanity.


Unbeam: to focus on one’s own vices for the purpose of becoming virtuous; to ‘remove the beam from one’s own eye and not to focus on the speck in another’s eye’.


Enpeacelate: to actively and intentionally seek a state of inner stillness; to set aside that which creates discord.


Insprevelent: to find inspiration in the created world and see God’s revelation through the everyday things of life; sometimes used as an expression, or exclamation of encouragement.


Noetically: done through the nous or the intellect, but not reason; instead from the heart or the depths of the soul.



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