Paschal Praise

My soul desires to sing praises to you, Oh God!

For you have given us worship, to heal our souls.

Lord, draw me close into your sanctuary.

And pour your words into my heart,

That I may zealously praise You!

Lead me into the congregation of the righteous;

And place me among your people.

Stand me in the midst of your Godly ones.

Teach me to love, as you have given Love;

So that I may learn to love, as You love.

All of creation rejoices in you, our God!

Why then have I, in sorrows, become alienated;

And why have I separated my life, from your Life?

Restore me now, to the joy of your salvation;

Attune me again, to the sound of your voice!

Which every humble creature knows.

Bring me into communion, at your banquet table.

You Lord, are the food and drink, for my weary soul.

Together now, we raise our voices in one accord,

To praise your great goodness, and your holiness!

You give us life, and again, you give us life eternal;

We are many little voices, together in You, made whole.


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