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This one is heart-wrenching, as they all are. Clearly the mRNA shots are not ready for primetime and never were. I share these in hopes that we all will be more skeptical in the future, as it appears that they are turning to this new technology for future vaccinations for other illnesses, and it is extremely dangerous with potentially irreversible biological damage to those who take them. We all need INFORMED CONSENT before making decisions of this magnitude:

Marianne Galluzzo

First Dose of Pfizer on 09/21/2021


51 yrs old

Q: What was your life like before you got the vaccine?

My life was normal. I was active and heathy and had a positive attitude towards life. I was focused and planning my future – 10 year semi-retirement plan by starting an online business. I was motivated and always moving around doing things, and enjoying my children and local environment.

Q: Would you like to share your reason(s) for getting the vaccine?

I was coerced by my employer to take the jab if I wanted to keep my job as a teacher. I believe in bodily autonomy and not in the one-size-fits-all model. I believe in prevention treatments. But we were forced to take it, and then censored if we complained or raised questions. The DOE were ruthless. We were locked down and then told to take the jab, without discussion on other ways to combat this virus.

Q: What was your reaction, symptoms, & timeline?

After the jab I immediately experienced the usual reactions – brain fog, weakness and tiredness, racing heart and alway out of breath.

Over the next few weeks things seemed to get worse. I was experiencing neurological issues including paresthesia in my head and feet, extreme thunderclap headaches and electric shocks throughout my body. My sphincter muscles were affected and lag, causing incontinence. I also experienced muscle inflammation and was diagnosed with myositis. I had tachycardia and my heart was racing at around 130+ beats a minute for months on end. I had ongoing chest pain and ongoing lymph node pains in my groin and armpits that extend to my breasts. I have ongoing tingling sensations on the right side of my face and general weakness on the left hand side of my body. My finger gets cold too – Raynouds. My menstruation was immediately affected and it seems that I am now in menopause. I also developed andenmyosis and other uterus issues. My eye sight became blurry as I was experiencing electric shocks in both eyes and now I have dry eyes, light sensitivity and I am developing cataracts. I now have edema in my feet and swelling around my ankles and feet and have trouble getting out of bed in the mornings and now shuffle around. I also have developed a torturous ulna artery in my left wrist and I have permanent lump sticking out of my wrist that pulsates . I have ongoing head aches and back and shoulder pains and ongoing joint pains in my hands and feet. I was experiencing gurgling sensations in my left leg and lower back for over a year and they reoccur on occasions to this day.

I no longer work or motivated to do anything as it seems that life is just too hard for me. I have been going to doctors and specialists to be told that nothing is wrong and that it is all in my head. I recently had an colonoscopy and endoscopy and aspirated whilst under anesthetic and had to spend three nights in hospital as my lungs filled up with stomach fluid. The doctors found polyps that were turning cancerous and a lump in my GOR region, but still unsure why I experience ongoing reflux and sphincter dysfunction.

I’ve been gaslighted by the medical profession, telling me it must be old age! But when did 50 become old? My parents are in their 80’s and don’t experience half the issues I now have, due to old age! This saddens me as before this injection I was fit, healthy and had my wits about me. Now I feel worn and tired and lack motivation.

I did briefly return to work but was experiencing negativity from people I worked with. I no longer feel safe in my job and feel that people are always watching, spying and judging me. They make me feel uncomfortable and I’m always questioning my actions. I stay at home in bed most days and struggle with simple daily activities. The only thing that keeps me going is my children. Without them life isn’t worth living. I try and take my dog for morning walks but it seems to take a toll on my body and days to recover. I try my hardest to force myself to go out and exercise as I believe this will help me in the long run.

Q: Tell us about any tests, diagnoses, and/or Medical Care received:

I have had so many biopsies and blood tests and invasive procedures to see what is wrong. My bloods show inflammation and a few minor things but nothing conclusive. The scans show nothing as everything is “in range”. The MRI showed a lesion in the deep white matter but the report did not expand on this. However this is where I experience ongoing headaches since the injection. The doctors just ignore my complaints, shrug their shoulders and tell me that it is all anxiety related.

I recently saw the surgeon about my sphincter disfunction and she doesn’t know what is wrong and said that she can do more surgery but cannot guarantee that it will solve my ongoing closure issues. None of the doctors will say what the cause is as they are too scared to lose their licenses to practice. They won’t say vaccine injury.

When I saw the neurologist, she said straight out to me that before the pandemic my symptoms would have been considered serious. But since the TGA has rewritten the rule book, my ailments are now considered normal! Nothing makes sense. I have spent all my money on treatments and tests and almost 2 years later, still no help.

I now see a chiropractor and a physiotherapist on a regular basis. They seem to be helping me and supporting me in though this time.

Q: Where has your reaction been reported, and what was the response?

I’ve reported it to TGA and other government agencies in hope that they would respond. But nothing.

I reported it to my employer, and seeking workers compensation as it is a work related injury.

I would never had taken it, but we were told no injection, no job. As a result, I was injured, and still lost my right to work as I refused to get more shots. My employer threw me in the anti-vax bin and then threatened me if I spoke out. They were and still are horrible to me. They are disputing my workers comp claim and I now have legal help.

I know of others who have won their disputes with the department of education and the department is still illegally refusing to compensate them, as they are a government entity and have a bottomless pit of money to keep on fighting us. They don’t care about the damage this injection has caused and they are seeking out teachers from overseas and telling the public that there is a shortage but not giving out the real reasons why. The department of education has so many teachers out due to vaccine injury, but have decided to replace us with foreigners instead of trying to help us first.

Q: Are there any treatments that have helped or hurt your health?

The doctors gave me many pills which didn’t help and actually made me feel worse. I’m now on plant based medicines, namely cannabis. This is helping me. I take NAC, Quercetin, zinc, magnesium, vit c and d3 and B’s..and lots of water. I also take moringa and greens to help. The injection seemed to affect my stomach chemistry and I’m now lactose intolerant and cannot eat most of the foods I used to, as I experience ongoing reflux. The doctors prescribed a GERT medication which causes more issues and now on natural medicines such as cell salts to stop the ongoing reflux and excess fluid retention.

Q: Have you had Covid before?

One of the reactions from this injection was Covid like symptoms. I sneezed for 3 days straight, non stop, felt lethargy and aches and pains throughout my entire body.. It was a horrible experience as I knew it wasn’t Covid as there was no Covid reported where I lived. We were even locked down for weeks on end. I share my home with my children and none of them caught this from me. So it was definitely the vaccine.

To my knowledge I have not experienced the virus.

Q: What do you wish others knew?

Just say NO. I wish I had never taken it, and I wish we all had the opportunity to simply say NO together.

I feel now that the damage is done and I can never regain my health back to what it was before. I believe that it has shortened my life.

I have no plans to return to teaching, yet I have a mortgage and education debt with no means of paying either of them down.

I have been suppressed and forgotten by the system and believe that their ultimate goal is for me to harm myself.

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