The Way of The Babbling Brook

If you find me sitting by a babbling brook, in the shade, under the overarching branches of a stately Elm tree—join me silently, or leave me be. Leave the noise behind you; as I have done. Silence the hustle and bustle within you. Let us sit together and just be. I will not tell you what I do, so don’t ask me. I promise not to burden you with my trivialities either. Let’s be free. For now; for a time at least. Free from going and from coming, free from wanting and from getting, free from trying or becoming. Come, for now we are simply humans being. Just being. 

And when you find me, if you find me with legs crossed, and head buried deep within my hands; if I am crying, do not cheer me. For I am shedding; I must shed what’s false in me. Come cry with me, and let our lies fall into the brook; let our tears there intermingle, vanishing beneath the surface, disappearing towards the sea. And let our laughter arise spontaneously. 

Oh, if I could laugh at all infirmity. If my limbs were only made of stone, and could resist every urge towards comfort here. If I could abide all pain and not attempt to avoid it, or assuage it. Perhaps then I would live. Then, I might not lie. Then I would act as I think, and do as I will. My body would no longer be at odds with my soul, and I might learn to truly love. 

The little brook runs clear, and it is singing. Come and listen to it with me. For a time forget where you were going, and where you’ve been. Just watch the water flowing. Do you hear what it is saying? It’s saying that it’s okay. It’s okay what you aren’t, and it’s okay what you are. I don’t know if it’s okay, but the brook is saying that it’s okay. Perhaps this is why I’ve come here; and this is why I’ve sat here, to simply hear the babbling brook tell me, that it’s okay. I think I will stay here a while longer, perhaps forever, peacefully foregoing my own way. 


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