A Call To Peace

Are you perplexed? Are you distressed? Have you despair? Might you be harboring anger? Take a deep breath, and let your mind rest. Look up at the sky, at the wide expanse that stretches beyond view; the calming gray of the clouds rolling by, and the vibrant, clear blue. The sky is untroubled by our worries; let it untrouble you. The sun shines brightly upon us—lightly—and the rain falls, giving us life. If someone you love is nearby, give them a hug. If they are far off, pray for them, and draw them near with your heart; and by the movement of your kind thoughts, they may find light where they are. Charity, the love that gives, is never lost, when given away. Pray for your enemies too, and draw them with hope, into your circle of peace. They may not come willingly—but they are free—let them go as they wish, but always pray for them, calling them silently, with charity and hope. In this way, plant a garden within yourself, which will yield a bountiful harvest of simplicity and sweetness; and clear the weeds of hatred or self-righteousness which choke and constrict all that is good within you.

Give free reign to your goodness, but not that goodness which arises from your indignation; and be kind, but not the kindness that foments self-congratulation. Rather, let your goodness and kindness arise from below, nourished from above. Let your goodness grow up out of the soft soil of humility; hand out the fruit of your labors—to your neighbors, and your foes—from your knees, as it were. Looking up, and never down at them, as you share whatever gift it is that you possess to give them. If you are able, allow the soil of your humility to be fed by Divine Wisdom. Trust not in yourself, if you can resist that temptation; and trust not in the claims of this world, if you can resist that temptation. Rather, look only to the Truth that comes from above; seek it with sincerity and innocence. Cultivate faith and hope, for these things allow one to recognize that Truth.

Our world is at war with itself; with every faction fighting every other faction, tearing each other apart. For those with faith in the God of creation, He is our lodestone to guide us through the miasma of this world. We look for something to lean upon in the confusion that is growing and swirling around us, and it is the cross; the stake that is driven into this earth, and upon which all our hope and salvation hangs. Our world offers us many compelling truths, leading in many directions, to many different ends; but only one Truth leads out of this confusion, and into the light of peace, and into The Life that is eternal joy.

Try not to become addicted to bad news, which only manifests outrage and fear. Take deep breaths and long walks in nature. Fellowship with the plants and the animals, and closeness to the rhythms of creation, will help mollify anger and extinguish fear. For this reason, distance yourself from the allure of digital technology—what we are gaining in convenience we are losing in humanity. This technology is a chimera and it is deceitful, it promises us unification, but is delivering division; it is dividing our human family, and it is conquering us. Use it wisely and sparingly—as a tool—but not as a god, or as a nursemaid.

How can we, who can only understand ourselves in the smallest way, hope to understand the complexities of this world? Who of us understands our own emotions and motivations—how then can we understand what is in the heart of other people? For this reason, try to refrain from judgment or accusation; and keep praying for those you disagree with, or who actively hurt you. Pray for everyone who is suffering; which includes everyone on this planet. Try to do no harm; think before speaking, and wait before acting, and try to refrain from adding further injury to the problems that already are bringing such suffering and pain to our human family. Even so, we cannot avoid offenses, since competing truths are vying for supremacy here, and each truth is incompatible with the other.

For those of faith, hold fast to the Truth that is God the Father, Son & Holy Spirit, and defend it with charity, humility and firmness; never desiring offence towards anyone—even though offences will be interpreted and imputed to you by others. For those with a truth other than that found in God—if you are interested and able—begin to pray to God, read the Bible, attend services, befriend other believers, and learn the Truth that leads to ultimate human liberty, peace and eternal life. May God be with all people, and may His peace prevail. Above all, be below all. Make yourself as a little child; we are all little children before the face of God. We think, but we do not know; we act, but we fail. Therefore, forgive all people at all times. Forgiveness is the gateway to the kingdom of peace. Ask forgiveness, and give forgiveness, and may the God of peace gain entry into your heart forevermore.


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