Are There Dogs in Heaven?

Will there be dogs with us in God’s heavenly kingdom?

I sure hope so; though the reality is mere speculation.

All the animals we love, from this world, will God bring them?

If He does so—that would certainly be—our great jubilation!

To gaze again into their deep, soulful eyes,

To feel the warm glow of their faithful tranquility;

And for all to be free! From our drear earthly sighs,

Raised into the rapt joy of our new spiritual bodies.

What might God have in mind, for our glorious reunion?

Of everything made through His Limitless Wisdom;

All the cute critters and man, as celestial creations,

A beautiful, bountiful world—gathered to Him.

I pray that along with man’s deification;

Would be our beloved animal’s spiritual transformation.


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