The Nativity Challenge

Here’s the challenge—

Our forefather in Eden could not be obedient to God in the Spirit.

Can we now be obedient to God in the flesh?


Emmanuel, God is with us.

Do you believe?


Can you believe in the incarnate God—

born of flesh and Spirit: a man and God?

Will you obey the God-man, Jesus Christ?


Be obedient, not to yourself,

to not merely a Spirit,

to not an inhabitant of a heavenly realm,

but to This Human who walked among us.


Man loves a challenge,

especially when it builds his pride and self-esteem,

but how will you do, with a greater challenge—

a challenge that tramples your pride underfoot,

the challenge that is poison to your ambition?


Can you find the narrow gate,

and once found,

will you enter therein;

dying to all that you were,

and following the One who is greater than you?


Would you follow the man that is God?

Would you obey He that is and will be,

and was from before the beginning of time?


He was born in the flesh as one among us,

yet was perfect man.

He commands us to be perfect too—


Can you face this challenge?

Will you obey Him,

and will you be victorious?



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