Sister Hunger

Blessed Sister Hunger why should I thank you for the ache within me?  Oh, but I do thank you, for clearing the way for me.  You mow down the weeds of passion that block my way and impede my steps, as I strive in search of Father God.  You knock down the brush and make a clearing for me to pray, beneath the trees of aspiration, wherein Brother Jesus dwells with me.  Holy Sister Hunger, I bless you, for your sufferings are simple and pure, and they goad me forward on the path.  Sweet Sister, you carry me when I am lazy, you put your arm in mine and walk with me when I would stop and take a seat.  Much maligned and misunderstood, Sister Hunger, I am sorry that I have scorned you, when in my desires I have rushed to cover you quickly by other means of satisfaction.  I promise now that I will not rush to fill you with worldly food, but rather, let you fill me with spiritual bread.  With you, dear sister, I feel a lightness in my being, so that my prayers and I are carried like feathers upon the wind more speedily to God.


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