How wise was your silence, Lord Jesus, when Pilate was ready to lead you down a rabbit hole of arguments and contentions. What is Truth? But you spoke just enough to teach us so many things. Masterful silence, beautiful silence. Quiet in speech and in soul. I see your example in this and follow you. Unprovoked, allowing insults and blows to assail you, you didn’t argue or cast words into the cauldron of debate, you didn’t add fuel to the fire of foolishness which the mind wants to kindle to protect its position, nor did you add pressure to the vents of vanity which rush up like so much hot steam from a turbulent mind intent on argument and justification. You showed us the way of tranquility; still waters in reply to ripples and waves. May we be like you, wellspring of silent waters, rising clear and holy within us, washing through our hearts and minds, leaving traces of divinity to lead us in your way.

Thank you.



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