In Spirit and In Truth

I called upon the name of the Lord,

but I called upon Him in vain.

For I was calling upon my idols,

and He did not come.


I fashioned Jesus from my own ideas;

built from Holy Scripture,

wrought in my mind,

through my pride.


I approached Him through icons;

‘not made with hands’,

stopping short at the image,

not looking beyond.


I called out, “Lord, Lord!”

I said that I knew You.

But I knew a different Jesus,

I did not know You.


I called what I thought was You,

but I did not know You.


Come to me, Lord Jesus,

teach me who You are.


I pour out my lusts,

I pour out my vanities,

I pour out my unlove,

in all of its forms…


Fill me with Your Righteousness,

Fill me with Your Peace,

Fill me with Your Justice,

with Your Purity, and Your Love.


Touch not my lips only with your burning coal,

but alight my whole body, and my whole soul.


Purify me with your Holy Spirit—

That I may know You as you are.


May it be truly You who come when I call.



4 thoughts on “In Spirit and In Truth”

  1. Do any of us really know God as He is? Do we know other people as they are? As for myself, I generally live in a “cloud of unknowing.”


    1. Thanks Makarios. Your comment makes me think of the beatitude blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. I agree though that God is shrouded in mystery however I think we can make the glass we see through clearer or darker by the sin we maintain and also the idols that we create and believe in or by relinquishing these things. And then the relationship will continually be one of deepening revelation and discovery.


      1. I believe that’s true. My heart-water is pretty murky though! Glimpses of God have been few and fleeting. I do often have a deep sense of well-being and trust that He will fulfill His purposes for me and reveal Himself in His time. I have been staring down some major idols myself lately and by His strength hope to prevail someday, though I will probably uncover others that I am presently unaware of right behind them! We would be so lost without His mercy! “Thy rod and Thy staff they comfort me.”


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