Farewell To A Beloved

Dear Mom:

I’m so very sorry I have to say goodbye; that I have to let you go, and move on, myself, to wherever I am going.

You see, I couldn’t live, yearning for your flesh, hoping for your touch once more, to hold you, to give you a kiss.

When the sun sets, its warmth with it, dissolves into the deepening night, overcome by mists and dew. So too my knowledge of you, it seems, must fade into a deepening past.

When your body and blood transforms into memories, into beautiful stories of who you were while here with me, it allows me, though hollow now, to live again.

You’ve had to fade, though I didn’t want it, and I fought it, I promise you, but in the end, my life only solidifies now as yours dissolves.

But please know, that I love you just as much as I ever have, and am grateful to you for everything, and even now you are a gift to me; by taking your place in my past, you have given me my present.

With all the love I can muster,

your son,


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