May 12

Those who desire to free themselves from [sin] ought to pray not merely from time to time but at all times; they should give themselves always to prayer, keeping watch over their intellect even when outside places of prayer.

When someone is trying to purify gold, and allows the fire of the furnace to die down even for a moment, the material which he is purifying will harden again. So too, a man who merely practices the remembrance of God from time to time, loses through lack of continuity what he hopes to gain through his prayer. It is a mark of one who truly loves holiness that he continually burns up what is worldly in his heart through practicing the remembrance of God, so that little by little evil is consumed in the fire of this remembrance and his soul completely recovers its natural brilliance with still greater glory.

                                       -St Diadochos of Photiki

May 11

When the Lord first leads us into the path of salvation, He says ‘How narrow and strait is the way leading to the kingdom and few there are who follow it’. But to those who have firmly resolved to keep His holy commandments He says, ‘My yoke is easy and My burden is light’.
At the beginning of the struggle therefore, the holy commandments of God must be fulfilled with a certain forcefulness of will; then the Lord, seeing our intention and labor, will grant us readiness of will and gladness in obeying His purposes. For ‘it is the Lord who makes ready the will’ so that we do what is right joyfully. Then shall we truly feel that ‘it is God who energizes in you both the willing and the doing if His purpose’.

-St Diadochos of Photiki

May 9

When the door of the steam bath is continually left open, the heat inside rapidly escapes through it; likewise the soul, in its desire to say many things, dissipates its remembrance of God through the door of speech, even though everything it says may be good.
Thereafter the intellect…pours out a welter of confused thoughts to anyone it meets, as it no longer has the Holy Spirit to keep its understanding free from fantasy. …Timely silence, then, is precious for it is nothing less than the mother of the wisest thoughts.

-St Diadochos of Photiki

May 8

It is … better to endure the lawlessness of those who wish to wrong us, and to pray for them, so that they may be released from their guilt through repentance, rather than through restoring what they have taken. Divine justice requires that we receive back not the objects of theft, but the thief himself, freed through repentance from sin.

-St Diadochos of Photiki

April 25

When one begins to perceive the love of God in all it’s richness, he begins also to love his neighbor with spiritual perception. This is the love of which all the scriptures speak. Friendship after the flesh is very easily destroyed on some slight pretext, since it is not held firm by spiritual perception. But when a person is spiritually awakened, even if something irritates him, the bond of love is not dissolved; he rekindles himself with the warmth of the love of God, he quickly recovers himself and with great joy seeks his neighbor’s love, even though he has been gravely wronged or insulted by him. For the sweetness of God completely consumes the bitterness of the quarrel.
-St Diadochos of Photiki