Deceptive Sugar

Sin is deceptive sugar~

Very sweet one moment,

Very bitter the next.

Sin has a short shelf-life;

It spoils too soon,

It leaves me so blue.

I love the taste of sin;

While I’m sinning, but~

Its aftertaste is repugnant.

Ever notice how sin steals joy;

Takes a sledgehammer to peace;

And multiplies anxieties and despair?

But sin is just dynamite!

To our relationship with God;

It cuts through that, like butter.

Sometimes I can’t get enough,

One thing leads to another,

So much sugar makes me delirious!

Coursing violently through my veins~

So exciting, it just makes me shake,

Possessing me like a strange creature.

It takes me to the mountaintop,

Then it throws me off a cliff~

Deceptive sugar makes me crazy!

It makes me so sick, I just wish I could retch~

Will nothing halt my sweet self-destruction?

Yes, shame comes up, as the nausea that I need.

Exposing all these things for what they are~

Sin is the sugar that feeds, as it devours,

Wasting our lives, by the minute and by the hour.


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