The mystery of Christ always surrounds us.

How blessed are those who dwell within it.

I was asleep for many days, and once I awoke,

At the touch of His mighty hand~

He showered me with kindness and with gifts,

These, far greater than my money or my goals.

He transported me into better things,

When I turned myself towards Him.

I turned away from lesser things,

And I offered myself to Him.

He cleaved me into two.

A shell of my former self fell asunder,

As new mystery arose within my heart.

He made of me into a flame of fire~

A burning bright of pulsing light.

That I might see and taste His beauty,

Made small enough for me.

That I may feel and touch His glory,

Though a creature meek and lowly.


2 thoughts on “Mystery”

  1. Thanks Francis. I’m so happy to have found your postings on this platform. Had been missing the albeit virtual contact.
    I really appreciate these words you’ve shared here! Kind regards!


    1. Hi Helmut: I am really glad you found these too. I was missing our connection via Facebook, and wondering how you are doing and what you’ve been thinking about lately. I made a commitment not to do social media last summer and it has been a very great decision, but it has been tempting just to go back briefly to try to make connections with you, and several other friends. But that is the sneaky allure of those platforms, there is the good of connecting with friends, but it is seriously marred by the technology itself, I think. Anyway, as I hoped, you found me here. God bless you and your family! Stay in touch. Also, my email if you want me to add you on my email list:


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