A Tragic Disconnect

I mainly write about matters of the heart and of our spiritual lives. Although this that I’m sharing now, is about human health, I believe it is integral to the life of the spirit. It is representative of a greater struggle between goodness and evil.

Those who we’ve historically trusted to look out for our welfare, have now become predators of the innocent and the trusting; those who should be helping us, appear only to be looking out for their own selfish interests, and children are suffering and dying because of them. These aren’t our grandparents’ health authorities, these are criminals; be warned and on your guard!

While last month the CDC added Covid Vaccines to their list of recommended vaccines for children, children like Gracelyn Reader, age 16, are suffering all of the following issues because of these Covid shots: Pulmonary Embolism, Stroke, Seizures, Thrombectomy, Thoracotomy.

Please read her story here, and if you have time, email her some words of encouragement. Her email is included in this link:

Real people, real injuries. The truth will set us free. And love will cover a multitude of sins. Let’s all face these truths together, and start helping each other; especially our neighbor’s who have been hurt, killed or simply cast to the side because of greedy special interests.


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