What Is A Woman?

(*A film-maker is currently asking this question, What is a Woman? And apparently the question has stumped many of the experts who are interviewed in the movie. I thought I’d give the question a go. It is certainly difficult to answer fully, but it doesn’t seem all that difficult to at least give a meaningful answer.)

What is a woman?

She is a female human,

with a physiology,

that can carry,

and bear offspring.

Within her body,

she has the power,

to nourish new life,

and to bring forth,

new people!

A woman,

is like a man,

but different.

Each woman unique,


and free to live,

within the parameters:

of nature,

and truth,

and reality!

A woman is not,

a made-up thing,

or a construct,

of our feelings,

and delusions.

Women are made,

not imagined:

they are not unicorns,

nor an identity that,

just anyone,

a man for instance,

can adopt by whim,

or by fancy, or even,

by desire.

A woman,

is the image of God.


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