Like It Or Not: Act 2: Scene 6

Scene 6:  [Marion is outside her house. Hugh enters carrying two boxes.]

Marion:  [Calling to Chloe inside the house.] Chloe! Hugh is here. It looks like he has something for you!

Chloe:  [Yelling from inside.]  What is it? It better not be from a fruit stand!

Marion:  No, it’s in a box. Two boxes!

Chloe:  [Pokes her head through the door.] Really?! Two? That’s certainly better than one.

Marion:  They look from a department store! [Worried. Whispering to Hugh.] Did you pick them out yourself? Oh, dear.

Chloe:  [Walking towards Hugh.] Did you pick those out yourself?

Hugh:  I had some help from the lady at the store.

Chloe:  Oh, that’s a relief. That gives me greater confidence.

Hugh:  I’m certain you’ll like them. Well, I hope you do. [He hands the boxes to her.] Here, open them!

Chloe:  I’m a little nervous. It could be anything. And so much depends on this. But you did say that you got help, so, that’s really good news.

Marion:  Open it already! I’m dying of suspense.

Chloe:  I will, mother! Okay. [She opens the first box and pulls out a handbag.] Oh, thank God!

Marion:  What a relief!

Chloe:  It’s beautiful. I love it!

Marion:  Open the next one!

Chloe:  I will! I have much greater hope now. I wonder what it is?! [She opens the second box and pulls out a pair of shoes.] They’re exactly the ones I saw that girl wearing! They’re perfect!

Marion:  Well done, Hugh! You did it.

Chloe:  Yes, you did it Hugh! Finally! I love them. And I love you!  

[She embraces and kisses him.]

Hugh:  You do, Chloe! Do you mean it?

Chloe:  Of course! I’ve always loved you, I’ve never stopped loving you. I don’t think I could stop loving you, Hugh. But it is much easier to express my love, now that you’ve given me such lovely gifts! Getting new shoes always makes my love flow freely!

Hugh:  I could never stop loving you either, Chloe!  I just have one question, Chloe. Why did you tell me to bring you a good answer?

Chloe: A good answer? I never said that.

Hugh:  Yes, I remember it exactly.

Chloe:  But that doesn’t make any sense. Ha! What would be the question then? Did you even think about that?!  Hugh, what would I care about answers, good or bad, or about questions?

Hugh:  But you told me all along that I had to have an answer for you. You forbade me seeing you until I had a ‘good answer’!

Chloe:  Silly boy. There you go again! You’re so literal sometimes. You pay far too much attention to what I say, and not nearly enough attention to what I mean.

Hugh:  But Chloe, how can I know what you mean, except by what you say? 

Chloe:  What people say almost never has anything to do with what they mean, Hugh. Especially about important things. I’m surprised you don’t know that.

Hugh:  That explains so much.

Chloe:  Oh Hugh! Why must we ever talk about important things? I think unimportant things are so much more interesting. Besides, you’re much more attractive when you’re speaking about unimportant things!

Hugh:  I love speaking about unimportant things with you, Chloe. [They kiss.]

Chloe:  I know. That is also what I love about you. Triviality makes you adorable, and I always want to adore you, Hugh.

Hugh:  Then I will always strive to be as trivial as I can possibly be, my dear Chloe. I will make myself utterly trivial for you. Only promise, to never stop loving me. The world is so dull and tasteless without your love. [They embrace and kiss again.]

[End of Scene.]


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