Our Post-Misinformation Age

In our current age of abject subjectivity, isn’t it high time that we do away, once and for all, with this idea of misinformation or disinformation? As if any of us can objectively say what is true or not? Sheesh! Even if we can say something objectively, should we? Surely that would be in bad taste, perhaps even be rude, certainly presumptuous; maybe even immoral? How dare any of us be so bold? It isn’t neighborly. That’s for certain.

So, in the interest of maintaining a thoroughly subjective mindset, let us all apply the possessive pronouns of our choice to the information we believe in, and propagate to others. Because we cannot know objectively what is misinformation or disinformation, which would be akin to knowing what is true, and that’s a lot like magic. It definitely has no business in our modern era; where everyone is allowed, even compelled to assert their subjective reality upon everyone else. Especially if you invoke the word: ‘science’. That is extra magical; no matter if it actually follows a scientific method. The word itself is numinous and awe-inspiring!

For my part, I’m going to heretofore believe in me/my/mine information, and I’m going to treat as suspect you/your information, and I’m going to downright scoff at they/them/their information. We are entering a bold new world, post-misinformation age. Now it is the age of personal pronoun information. Let’s be honest, none of us have the objectivity needed to call something misinformation, let’s just call it what it is: its either me/my/mine, you/yours or they/them/theirs.

I suggest you just believe in me/my/mine information, it will save us all a lot of time.


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