Return To Paradise

I wish you and I could live, once again, in Eden,

Where God and man did dwell together, before shame;

When innocence was lost, once pride had eaten,

And glory diminished—our appetites wild, and untamed.

Though we yearn for the peace of that place, and its purity,

God in his mercy, to the lost, offers good consolation;

For all who do trust in His Son, of a surety,

To Him are reconciled—and given the gift of salvation.

Dear friends, why then, in our suffering, do we remain?

Spending our time here, in endlessly trivial pursuit;

Seek Christ, and His power over our sins, to refrain,

And the lies of this world, to refute.

Let us dedicate ourselves to this, God’s pleasure;

That we should dwell again, as His heart’s treasure.


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