A Quiet Place

There is a quiet place within you, that place where only you can dwell. Nobody else lives there, but only you. From within this place, your heart, comes forth everything that you are—all the good, and even all that is not so good; all that you want to be, all that you are glad that you are, and even that which you’d like to hide, or that which you hope to change. But who truly knows this place within themselves, and who understands it? Who has plumbed its depths and can say they’ve seen its bottom; or who has traveled to its horizon and seen its end? Have you traveled the depths and breadth of your own heart, or is it still a mystery to you? Are you not a mystery to yourself? How remarkable that your very essence is an enigma, even to yourself. How then can we hope to know ourselves (not to mention truly knowing another; that must be a leap akin to climbing to the stars); what light will cast into the deep shadows which conceal the truth of your being, and expose it all? Must we stumble through the darkness of unknowing, as we stumble through our life? Or shall we even go so far as to allow others to tell us who we are; or let others tell us what to think, how to act, what to say, and how to feel?

Descending into the place of your heart is a threatening journey; it is a lonely path, and an adventure that requires some courage, determination, hope, faith and love. We must not lose hope in the discovery of ourselves; we must not lose courage in the journey that is true; we must never grow complacent and let others live our life for us. Life is magnificent and it is yours! Your own heart is a world unfathomable, the bounds of which you will never know; it is a universe of possibility and potential. There is great hope for all who enter here. There is no room for jealousy, not at all, for what has anyone else that you don’t have? You have a universe entire, in your own heart, which to explore and to discover, and which you will never fully know. Mystery will lead to greater mysteries; answers will lead to greater questions; discoveries will lead to greater experiences. And all of this unfolds the beauty and truth of God, who comes to dwell in your heart and He illumines it as you seek to know its contents.

That which was dark becomes lit from within; that which was unknown becomes known; you become less a mystery to yourself and you begin to know…to know who you are. To know who God is—all of mankind, all of creation emanating from Him, created by Him, and knowable through Him. There is a quiet place within you; a place where only you can dwell. Yet, in this place there is another—it is the place where you’ll encounter, the One who is our Creator.  


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