Headline News January 27, 2022

The biggest news today, to start things off, is that you are alive today and have a tremendous opportunity ahead of you to live your life! What others are doing may have some impact upon you, to a greater or lesser extent, but in all cases you have freedom to react as you wish, and you are still in control of your attitude! This makes today a very interesting possibility!

On to other news: some folks got angry today, and several grew impatient and frustrated and vented at one another. But others found peace today, and these folks enjoyed several simple pleasures: the joy of breathing the fresh air, and the warm joy which filled their breast and made them smile as they looked with love at the world around them; these folks let others act as they wish, and refrained from judging them or criticizing them, and they just went about their own business today and looked for the things that would nurture goodness.

Luka, the little brown dog who lives in Mukilteo, followed his owner around the yard this morning; and the little dog was thrilled to meet somebody new and to smell their pants and stare expectantly up into their face. You might imagine that he went bonkers when that person chased him playfully across the back lawn, and you’d be right! He made a new friend! His new friend stepped in a pile of excrement that Luka absentmindedly left behind, but no harm was done. It came off easily enough.

In Woodway, later in the morning two little kids followed their mom up the driveway, anxious to get back indoors because the weather is quite cold today. Even though the sun has come out and the blue sky is a real treat for everyone. It seems very likely that those two children will be enjoying grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch; and it’s been said that their mom makes the very best ones around. And cheddar goldfish crackers are also on the menu. That’s a lot of cheese kids! Remember to eat your fiber too!

In sadder news there was an animal laying still on the side of the Mukilteo Speedway this afternoon. However, upon closer inspection it was actually a stuffed toy animal. So no real animals were harmed. This was a relief to everyone who passed by. Hopefully someone will take the toy animal home with them and put it in the washer and dryer.

Recently, someone has been blowing enormous bubbles at the beach in Edmonds, to the delight of everyone around. Many afternoons one can see huge bubbles, some the size of a person, or even larger, floating through the air across the waterfront, and even over the tops of the nearby ferries—their shimmery skins translucent, and yet afire with all the colors of the rainbow, reflecting light and shining against the gray sky as they go. For a moment you might think you’ve been transported into another world, one of sublime beauty and filled with strange and surprising occurrences. It is worth seeing!

We’ve heard rumors of wars, and lots of murmurs about diseases and other scary things. However, while these things are worth noting in passing, most of these things are well beyond the average person’s control, so we won’t bother much about these, other than to briefly mention that a number of folks are fairly caught up with them. One great thing to report is that God, the creator of all things in this world, is still in control, and for those who desire to trust in Him, they don’t need to worry too much about all these things. They are freer to enjoy the gifts He desires to share with us.

In Kingston, there is a red-twig dogwood that is just about bursting with new buds. As one looks at this large shrub it appears as if an army of tiny archers are aiming a thousand little arrows at the sky, all poised and ready to let them fly. One imagines that when spring comes, this tiny army will advance, and all the buds will erupt; and God be with the sky, as a flurry of new foliage unfurls and overtakes it. If one looks closely one can see this same phenomena taking place all around us, in many of the shrubs and trees. The natural world is poised on a knife’s edge, it seems, and the tension is palpable. We expect that not long from now, nothing will be able to hold this back any longer, and an Armageddon of floral color and foliar beauty will be unleashed all around us, with great mercy.

 And that’s all the time we have for today. Thank you for looking to us for your news. This is “All the News That Matters!”

Until next time, be well, be loving, trust God, and don’t take any wooden bitcoin!


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