Christ Is Here For Us

When all the world is like shifting sand,

when we cannot find a foothold,

when our neighbors do not know us,

and our leaders are against us—

There is a refuge to turn in to,

there is a firm foundation,

there is a friend to trust,

Christ is here for us.

Christ is here for us,

He is here all day for you,

He’ll be here tomorrow too,

Every day there ever was, and

every day forevermore—

He’s the one to trust.

The smoke and mirrors have stung my eyes,

and my mind has grown confused.

This world’s lies have discouraged truth,

and have corrupted paradise.

Our trust in man must falter—

when we choose to clear the smoke,

and if we look behind the mirrors,

we see a deep darkness in disguise.

Christ is here for us:

He’s a flaming light, burning bright,

for those who seek to know.

He is the end of fear, anxiety’s flight,

and the death to death’s cruel blow.

He is our purest hope forevermore.

Yes, Christ is here for us.

Are we here for Him?


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