Headline News For December 17, 2021

Now for the latest, most current and up to date news for your day. It has been a most spectacular and wonderful day today. At the beginning, the sun rose! And though the local cloud-cover made some people doubt this fact, it is absolutely true. Even so, we had a beautiful accumulation of various cloud formations which rolled through all day long, and these brought with them some rain, and limitless cause for amazement as they swirled and glided and changed shape and form; providing inspiration in whites and grays unlike anything else we’ve recently seen.

Among the birds, a small flock of chickadees were seen at a birdfeeder in the morning, followed later by another group of titmouses (titmice?). Whatever we should call them, they were all very happy and chirping as they ate, and afterwards they danced off upon the invisible breeze.

Trees continued to shed their leaves and prepare for winter. Quite a few shrubs followed suit and did the same. Many of these were very colorful, and some were less so, yet still of interest.

In the world of humans today quite a few things also happened. We should report that a large number of folks all around the world argued and then blamed one another, many also made fun of the others, and in the end they all pretty much wasted the time they’ve been given here, on grievances and prideful displays.  

Back to more interesting matters; the deer found some good things to eat and were seen itching themselves with their hind legs before bounding off into the woods. They were a beautiful display of God’s great imagination and love.

In other news today, many people availed themselves of the tremendous invitation and opportunity to seek God and pray. Those who took God’s will to heart, made efforts to forgive others and live with gratitude and thankfulness every moment. This occurred all day today, as in fact it occurs every other day as well. Nevertheless, this is big news!

And in the world of humans, on the smaller scale of face-to-face interactions, many kind gestures and happy moments were witnessed, and those who participated in these were enriched. And on the most intimate scale of the individual human heart, some hearts swayed toward the good, and some drifted to the bad, unfortunately. But tomorrow is another day, with fresh opportunity to choose the good.

In the soil today, we have big news. Numerous moles and earthworms were busy aerating. Several new mounds could be seen poking through the surface here and there, which testify to the activity of these subterranean creatures. Another example of God’s love and creativity.

That’s all the time we have for today. We thank you for looking to us for your daily news. This is the news you can trust. We know you have choices and we’re glad you choose us; the place for all the news that matters.


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