O Lord of Sweet & Gentle Mystery

I am immersed in your love, O Lord.

By your fine, beauteous light,

I am illumined and made light,

made buoyant and floating;

You cause my thoughts to drift upon the wind,

like marigold fragrance and dandelion down,

all twirling and dancing and trusting in You.

I am like a quivering branch, O Lord.

Your Joy rising and shaking my limbs,

all tingling and ticklish, I’m in your hands;

I’m in your arms, in your embrace.

I swoon, I faint, and fall upon the soft earth.

There you whisper into my ear—

sweet secrets and gentle mysteries,

for only me to hear.

I am immersed in your love, O Lord.

Truly, I am lost in your embrace.

Amidst a field of flowers as I do feel,

You shower me with light, a love

like the morning dew,

that illuminates my cheeks,

my lips, and my brow.

You are the radiant light,

who warms the cold depths of midnight.

You are the everflowing spring,

who reveals the sweet depths of my being.

You are the Lord of gentle mystery,

the source of all that abides in me,

and all that awakens and enlivens me.

O Lord, immerse me forever in your love.


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