First Light

If you’re tired of the battles,

when you’re ready to surrender,

Come, join me for a drink of water—

And let us go to the house of the Lord,

in peace we’ll go together.

Come, let us dance like fools,

stumbling no longer,

hand-in-hand, and free—

the time is ripe for laughter,

please, come and dance with Me.

Beneath the starry night,

upon a moonlit field,

the angels sing their song—

by myriad candles’ warming light,

we’ll see the birthing of the Dawn.

Foregoing all the dismal thoughts,

that tag along and weigh us down,

when only joyfully we’ve brought—

our thankful spirits bowing down,

We’ll leave that life, all fraught with fought,

Christ’s life and light, shall fill us now. 


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