Truly Building Back Better

Let’s all build back better! We need a reconstructed infrastructure and a rebuilt foundation. We can do this, together. We have recently all been traveling along many and diverse roads to nowhere; seeking newly promised utopias, instead of the original Promised Land. We have been led astray, allowing ourselves to become lost in wildernesses—some of our own making—many others offered to us like mirages in a desert; vaporous utopias which dissipate and vanish as we approach them and as we see them more clearly—like all lies eventually do—but lately only to be replaced by new lies, new false promises, and new man-made illusions.

Let’s now get off these meandering, empty roads and get back on the real one, the only Way which is lined with genuine charity, paved with true hope, and lit by faith. These other roads, that we’ve been traveling lately, are only filled with pot-holes, broken dreams, lost hopes, anger and strife. They have made us unkind and riddled with anxieties; and we are taking them to their inevitable ends—to isolated loneliness, futile meaninglessness, and confused weariness. But the old road, the best road, the way of Christ, we can rebuild, with the sweat of forgiveness and humility, with meekness and self-sacrificing love for those who’ve hurt us. If we won’t help build this road, it won’t be built. We owe it to ourselves and to each other to build this road back better.

And as for the bridges, haven’t they suffered neglect? Many are cracking. In fact, we have even allowed them—consciously and intentionally—to be torn down and blown up. We need to build the bridges back better as well. We must sacrifice our isolation, and the dividing of ourselves into groups. We must remember that we are all human beings, alike in essence, and we are all brothers and sisters. We must not allow these bridges to be destroyed! We must build them, rebuild them, and strengthen them. We are one people, each unique, all different—not equal and not the same—yet all equally valuable and equally worthy. Certainly, some are rich and some are poor, some of us are black and some are white, and there are many other distinctions that we can notice, but no distinction is cause for the destruction of the bridges that connect us—our common humanity. Let us put aside the envy, hatred, arrogance, unforgiveness, and every other form of unlove which have made these gulfs wider between us. Let us rebuild the bridges better and stronger than before! But how? Our love is fragile and fleeting; but God’s love is indomitable and enduring. Call upon God to give you strength to help you rebuild bridges with those whom you are estranged.

Finally, after we have rebuilt the roadways and the bridges, and after we have found our way back home again. We still have work to do. We must rebuild the foundations! Remember, there is no other foundation that we can build upon, but Christ Himself. All other foundations will crack, break and crumble. And isn’t that what we are seeing all around us? The foundations of the earth are shaking and crumbling before our very eyes. We now must build these foundations back better; and put our house back on the only trustworthy foundation which is Jesus Christ. We have seen clearly now, how the builders of other foundations are poor builders, following faulty blueprints, and they use weak materials. It isn’t worth trusting in them any longer. Trust in the only one who is trustworthy and the only one worth following: Jesus Christ, the son of God. He is the best and only one to build everything back better again, and the only one who we should trust to do the job. With Him all things are possible; with Him, we all can build back better!


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