The Narrow Path

Seek the quiet places,

which your soul embraces,

flee the routes of strife,

where passions’ pains are rife,

come now and see,

you’re free to be.

Fear not life’s silent song,

you’re called to sing along,

let courage be your guide,

with patience at your side,

stand firm my dear,

then you shall hear.

The whispered word ‘release’,

take up your robe of peace,

let fall the scales of shame,

the balances of blame,

your soul is bare,

so please be ware.

The hateful lion’s pounce,

your being he’ll denounce,

take shelter in the King,

to Him your life shall bring,

pure penitence,

births innocence.

Two things to Satan stings,

your soul’s true offerings,

head bowed and bended knee,

a heart’s sincerity,

for these Christ bled,

the serpent’s dread.

Take heed and run this race,

your sorrows to efface,

cut loose the mortal lie,

transform the earthly die,

a faithful deed,

you’re surely freed.

In Christ be reconciled.


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