The Cost of Peace

I yearned for peace~

my soul cried out for it,

but I refused to do the things

which make for peace.

I’d made a deal~

to get what I could,

without giving up any

of what I had.

I thought I’d won~

adding to my pleasure,

the things of heaven,

though I was wrong.

My soul starved~

upon the stolen words,

from celestial realms,

I’d added to earthly delights.

Might I swindle

heaven and earth,

against the law,

to get a double portion?

There is but hollow gain

without first loss;

and deception of fullness

in my carnal grasping.

There is no marriage

of heaven and hell~

we turn from one

to choose the other.

My soul desires peace~

so I surrender my desires,

and give myself to heaven;

swindling myself no longer.


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