Crimes Against The Person

(*Disclaimer: The following is not an argument against vaccines. The author supports vaccinations in general, and has himself had all of the standard vaccines as a child and is grateful for them.)

To mandate vaccination, is a crime against the person, akin to rape. To force an individual, by threat, through economic pressure or any other means, is an abuse of power and a cynical affront to human decency and freedoms. To mandate a vaccine that is known to cause suffering and death, even if in small percentages, is a crime against humanity, akin to premeditated murder.

These comparisons are accurate and true, and are not made lightly. They are not made to minimize the pain and suffering of those who have been raped or have been murdered, but to accentuate the reality that mandating another human being to have a foreign body inserted into their body against their will, such as these vaccines, which could harm them or even kill them, is an atrocity so heinous that it is morally equivalent to rape and premeditated murder. They are not the same, but they are equal. They are equally morally objectionable and ethically depraved. And they are equally criminal.

And they are equally anti-social. Mandated vaccination, like rape and murder, is an outrage to any human society. It is antithetical to, and the enemy of the social fabric of any healthy civilization. There is nothing morally superior about forcing one’s fellow citizens to take a vaccine against their wishes. No matter how extensive the marketing of such a corrupt idea is twisted to look like virtue, and is promoted as kindliness and neighborliness. It is the opposite; it is the end of kindness, and the end of a free society.  

It is the beginning of an enslaved society, in which only power prevails and only might makes right. Advocates of mandated vaccination believe the ends justify the means, but we know from history that the means always become, and are the ends themselves. What we do is what we become; a society that allows and encourages force, and the use of power to threaten its members towards a desired outcome, is a society that has become evil, corrupt and criminal at its core, and has abandoned the principles of freedom, liberty and the rights of its people.


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