Just Ride It Out

I’ve been told, more than once, that things just keep getting better. This is the basis of our entire economy after all. Each day will bring improvements upon the day before; and with a little more technology, a little more tweaking, a better workout, a better diet, and the conquering of our world’s problems, our future is sure to be a bright utopia. Young people love this stuff. I used to love this stuff too, but I guess we all get to a point in life, some earlier than others, when we aren’t interested in any more improvements. Things are fine the way they are now, I think I’ll just ride it out…

Think I’m just a grumpy old man? Well, I think if someone complains about me ‘just riding it out’ they probably are trying to sell me something; they’re probably instead ‘just taking me for a ride’.

I used to own cars that I could repair myself, (Volkswagen Bus, Toyota SR5 Truck) but now with every improvement, cars are far too complicated and expensive to repair myself, with lots more things that can break (computers, electronics etc). Eventually, I used to buy these complicated kinds of cars, but finally they went too far…now I drive a 2003 Camry with barely more than 100k miles on it. I think I can just ride it out…if I’m lucky I’ll never need another car again. I still can’t repair it, but it’s simpler than the newer models and works just fine.

For work I have to use an iPhone. I suppose it is one of the more current models. I always dread when it tells me to update something, because inevitably the update will screw everything up. I’ve lost countless photos and important documents and the phone settings are scrambled like eggs, whenever I update that thing. The same is true with my computer. I tried to keep Windows 2000 as long as possible but eventually I had to upgrade when I got a new computer. That worked out okay until the new computer told me to do an update. I knew it was a trick, I resisted it for months until the voices of my computer ‘expert’ friends wore me down, and so I allowed the update. It took me weeks to try to fix the problems which that update caused me. It will never work as well as my operating system from about ten years ago. I have now posted notes near my devices warning myself never to succumb again to the temptation of updating. It isn’t worth it. Just ride it out, my friends, just ride those devices out…

Which brings me to the topic of teeth. I’ve worked hard to keep mine in good shape but eventually I always need a new filling or a crown. I always thought this was prudent, taking care of those cavities, since we only get one set in this life. Now I’m on the second or third repair on many of the fillings I first received as a child, and I’m beginning to reconsider my strategy. Is all this dental work really leading to a brighter tomorrow? I visited the dentist today, one of the nicest and kindest persons you could meet. She worked hard to ally my anxieties as she leaned me way back in the chair to do her work on one of my upper molars. Without going into too much detail it ranks high on my list of terrifying activities now. So, why go to the trouble anymore? Next tooth that goes south, I think I’ll have it yanked instead. I’ve got quite a few to spare and even when those go, I could get a great set of fake ones if needed. I had my old filling replaced today because a little bit of new decay was discovered under the filling; it was to prevent future pain. But as with most things designed to make our lives better, there are unexpected consequences, and in this case a nerve is now somehow more exposed than it was before. So the future pain I avoided by getting this new filling, is now a present pain with a nerve issue I never had before. There is a lesson here folks—just ride it out…

Here’s the thing: today is just fine the way it is, and yesterday may have been good as well, but tomorrow is very likely not going to be any better. So just ride it out, friends, just ride it out…and don’t let anyone take you for a ride. Unless it’s in an older model car, that you can fix yourselves.


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