Mad, beautiful world:

you make me scream,

weep, then laugh. 

And repeat; repeat…

My childhood,

before I knew this world,

was like a deep dream:

so sweet and untroubled.

This life is a beautiful face:

riddled with hidden cancers. 

It is wine mingled with vinegar. 

We are embraced here in the arms of love:

therein we wither and we die. 

Every moment is suffused with magnificence:

and destined for decay. 

Beauty soothes the torment:

as death devours the joy.

Hope. Hope. We must end:

with hope!

Yes, there is a savior:

silent and hidden from view. 

Dimly, we see that glimmer of hope:

which mocks our infirmities. 

But for now we are left here:

wandering this garden of terrors. 

Leave me take me leave me: 

one more day on this cruel beauty. 

Today or not today:

take me or leave me.

Exiled in the sweet smelling thorns.


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