Freedom Psalm

Lord, have mercy upon your servant,

for my freedom has become an offense to others,

and my breath, like a foul-stench;

though I have done nothing wrong,

and my lips have uttered truth.

I would walk under the shelter of your wing,

yours alone, Oh Lord!

But they would have me hide,

shut-up inside the citadel of their fears;

free me from cowering eyes, intent on lies.

Protect me from their accusing tongues,

shield me from their self-righteous accusations,

for I live for you alone, Oh Lord!

In you, I place my hope,

and I will not hide from the power of your Love.

Though others may lose heart, and faint in the midst of life,

I will not fear this life, for I put my trust in You.

Give me courage and wisdom to continue,

keep my path straight and guide my feet,

Grant your servant freedom in life and in death, my God.


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