Be At Peace

Sometimes I envy the trees. They appear to know things that I don’t—or that I’ve forgotten—about God, about life, and how to live it happily. Perhaps the trees have it easy, since they can’t choose to forget the valuable and important things; choice doesn’t have them chasing after myriads of useless trivialities and distractions, out there in the world around us, or inside our own minds. As I gaze about, it isn’t only the trees that seem to understand the way of peace; it also appears that the sky and the clouds also understand this mystery—as do the deer, and the ground beneath their hooves. All flora and fauna are in on this knowledge; but man stands apart; unable, unwilling, or uninterested, to learn it.

Be at peace, they seem to be saying to me—to us. I hear them all saying it, repeating it, every day, throughout the day; and also through the night. Be at peace, mankind, be at peace. Be at peace.


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