An American Declaration of Liberation Towards Human Fullness

We do not accept the co-opting of our human experience by our political parties; and we will not acquiesce to their demands upon our free thinking and feeling.

They believe, and convince us to believe also, that they have cornered the market on our perceptions; so that some of our thoughts, if we have them, must fit within the subset of the Democrats, and other thoughts, if these occur to us, must fit within the Republican subset. As if, we are not free to think outside their boxes!

So that we are cowed into accepting one set or the other, always cowering from straddling these lines and from allowing our minds to roam freely where they wish! Always fearing of becoming apostate to the party lines; and of shunning from that community of believers.

No more! We are human! We are richer, deeper and more complex beings than mere party members. We are free to think and feel across party lines; to resist being cut in half, as if divided like pieces of meat. We will not accept being cleaved in two, and placed by others on one side or the other.

Lord, I pray now, come now and make a new covenant with your people. Walk between us, walk within our midst, and make us whole again!

We are not Democrat or Republican; we are simply human being! So to the parties, we say ‘take your paws off our humanity’! No, we have removed them ourselves, by the grace of God, we are liberated!!

Our experience is not a property; our thoughts and feelings are not something to be owned by one or another. We are not puppets; and we will be pigeon-holed no longer!

Though we have been captured, willingly or unwillingly; and though we have been trapped, wittingly or unwittingly, we do not wish to give our will and power any longer to be Democrat or Republican, or any other party for that matter.

There is a third way, the original way, an essential way—this is the way of free people, the way of simply being—a human person, in fullness and complexity, able to express all things, to think all things, and to feel all things without limitation!


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