Not So Safely Solitary

Back in the day,

when only outlaws wore masks,

and when those who gave hugs, weren’t thought of as thugs:

I recall in that age…

simply seeing your faces,

warming to your embraces,

brought us joy!

But my how,

I miss your touch now,

dear friends since we’ve sequestered ourselves:

Your radiant smiles…

always brightened my world,

but these expressionless masks,

have bound, bright radiance furled.

And I am shocked by,

these faceless faces I see,

one-by-one passing by me.

The streets they are merciless, masked and oblivious:

Oh! No, are those tears…

falling down her soft cheeks?

It’s so hard to be certain,

from a distance of six feet…

Were this a year earlier,

she might have found comfort,

but now she recoils in fear.

Her sorrows I had tried to appease, but to her I’m a vector for disease:

I had wished to be human…

to love another human,

but now we’ve become,

more like vermin.

We’re told that,

‘the masks will protect you,’

but it’s much like filters for cigarettes do.

You may not get cancer so fast, but you’ll still get it nonetheless:

And the day of our death…

Comes little by little,

ever so slowly, or

ever more quickly,

we’ll all breathe our final breath.

So, now is the day,

when only the criminals show their faces,

and when only the thoughtless, and uncaring give embraces:

But a new day will show there’s…

no safety for the young,

in hiding alone.

And no safety for the old,

in dying alone.

Now is the day,

when we call their bluff,

true safety’s not found in solitary.

We’re made to live freely, sober-minded and fearlessly:

Living together as one…

no longer apart,

without fear in our heart,

then our victory’s already won!


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