To Everyone I’ve Ever Known:

How magnificent you are; and the memory of you fills my heart with joy! Did you know that you were so very special?! You are a gift, to me, and to the world. There has never been anyone like you before, and there will never be another like you again! You fill my mind now with incredulity; I do reflect upon you and am amazed—so grateful that I have known you! It is true, and I hope you believe me; and though it isn’t often expressed in such general terms, I do love you all, most particularly and specifically. As my mind drifts to the memory of you—specifically you—I can only smile, for the place you hold in my heart. You are the tapestry of my life—each of you, a person most glorious and beautiful, a colorful thread woven into the fabric of my being, inseparable from my innermost soul. Would I be me, had I not known you? Who am I, apart from all of you? Close your eyes now and remember all whom you’ve ever known. They are a magnificent humanity, all of them! How glorious is our human family, each of us spun intricately together—intertwined!

I apologize now for disappointing you—when I have—and for ignoring you; and for hurting you. It is uncomfortable, but it’s true. Why did I do it; why have we done it one to another? We are frail and failed, a tragic race destined to tragedy, and frailty, and failure. And desperately in need of forgiveness. Let’s forgive each other now, forgiving even the unforgiveable—words, deeds, and people; for even they have loved, and been loved. Perhaps they are loveable too; I believe they are. Is there a creature undeserving? I search my mind and my memory, and as you do to, I suspect someone comes to mind, for each of us—one too horrible for love, one too far depraved to forgive—but, what if? What if we did…forgive?! Is it impossible, or could we do it just a little?

I tried, and it made me smile, and I laughed out loud, so freely! Forgiveness is such a liberating feeling—for the one who gives it. For the one who gives it—forgiveness! I hope we all will enjoy that feeling!

Which brings me back to you! You have brought me great joy, as I have said already, but it is worth repeating. Perhaps you haven’t heard that enough lately, so I am saying it again, because you are worth it, and you made a great impression upon me in this lifetime. So I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for this. Thank you! Because your existence, yours specifically, has given me great joy!!!


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