Love is the Price of Admission

God invited me to His Grand Symphony…


Who is God, you say?

I’ll try to tell you;

I hope you’ll believe me.


God invites us into total immersion,

within His creation.

He is setting the stage;

and requesting our participation.


How do we know it is God?

How do we know…

What is the price of admission,

to experience His show?


God Himself says He is love,

but how do we know?


To know, we must love.

To know God, we must love God.


How do I love what I do not know?

If we refuse to love Him, we’ll never know.


I heard once the opening notes,

of a Beautiful Song,

and they moved me.


I glimpsed then,

beneath my ordinary vision,

that I had lived wrong.


This is the opening,

and I’m sorry to say,

(but I know it is true)

this is the attitude,

that carries us through,

and brings us along.


With hat in hand, then,

I went off in search of,

the rest of The Song.


How astounding!

He showed me—

I can look, but not see,

I can listen, but not hear—

though His Music is abounding,

if I won’t turn, and perceive.


Turn and perceive.


Turn from deception and anger,

from pointing the finger,

turn from impatience and slander,

from merciless banter.


Turn to goodness and mercy,

to forgiving our enemy,

turn to living for each other,

to becoming a peacemaker.


If we will live no longer to deceive,

we will begin to live to perceive.


What’s more!

By stilling the turmoil of our emotions,

our enflamed desires and distractions,

peace descends upon our heart and mind,

enabling us,


to realize the Holy and Divine.



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